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  1. woah that looks really dense.. nice pick up.

    i might be high, but i think you guys are missing the second of the two points to boiling a pipe:

    1. clean the pipe

    2. collect the resin

    oh. hmm.... yeah then boiling it would probably be the best. I don't usually collect the resin :(.

  2. thanks a lot. my friend scraped all the resin from it cuz i guess he had nothing to smoke and he said there was enough for 2 joints and a few bowls. debating on just fully cleaning it because he was smokin stress out of it i know for sure haha. i can taste it sometimes when the bowl is nearing the end of its run. should i boil or just get over it?

    just clean it with some hot water and run it through. soak it for a while even. i used to wash with a little bit of soap, came out gorgeous clean

  3. ^ I would think it's the opposite,

    guys have a lot more choices when it comes to raw denim: STFs, dior, samurais, skulls, etc.

    For girls, if we want raw denim we usually have to get "unisex" types, IE the nudies or APCs (but I do love the size of the back pocket of the nudies)

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