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  1. last night after wildrok(TC) got off the torch, we picked him up and he had with him 6 of some of the gnarliest sacks i have seen in my life. one of them smelled like straight baby poop. we called it diaperrrsss, i got loopy off half a unit.:cool:

    Sadly, doesn't sound like something I'd smoke. I hate weed that burns smellin funky.

    Glad the shit was trippy though, props.


    oh yeah... that shit's real. Idk where from :(.

  2. what school? i've never heard of a college caring what people look at on the internet...only blocking bandwidth hogging stuff like torrents

    My school blocks Facebook, Myspace, blogger, xanga, you name it....

    Then again, I'm a high schooler.

  3. ^Oh, in a mall. Damn man, I sympathize with you then... I remember seeing stores get really fucked up in the mall and the works just looking pissed off.

    What store you work at?

  4. Fuck.

    I'd hit up areas around Union Square, but honestly I've never been there on black friday and I'm not sure if it's worth the hassle. Any online deals for good designer brands?

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