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  1. University of Pennsylvania '09

    Skull Lindas

    PBJ slims


    on an unrelated note I found out I accidentally posted the wrong answer to a question on the Supplement portion of my NYU Early Decision App. Anyone have any ideas on how it could be corrected? I've already turned it in, so I'm guessing... no.

  2. Weed isn't a gateway drug,

    it's just usually the most easily avaliable drug to those people who LIKE using drugs.

    And then when you develop weed hooks, you find out they're heroin/coke/e hooks as well.

    Weed wasn't my first, anyway.

  3. there was a store in boulder that used to carry them, but i dont know if they have them in stock anymore. my roommate has one, theyre fun but i think they get old after a while...i like to actually feel the smoke.

    Oh I totally get what you mean. Sometimes that little itchin cough is so satisfyin haha :rolleyes:

    Do you guys handroll your joints ? Personally I think it gives the best touch, way better than cigarette rollers.

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