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  1. Supersellers, is it worth it?

    1. kH0yA Sw@Gp0o

      kH0yA [email protected]

      lol grailed might work out better..?

    2. __3xL



  2. all your role models

  3. Barcelona anyone?

  4. Conjunctionjunction.. ACG blue balls, ACR dysfunction.

    1. kH0yA Sw@Gp0o

      kH0yA [email protected]

      we need tallacs. but i'll sit and wait. lol

  5. What the fuck did I just try to watch?

  6. "Meet me outside Uniqlo." he said.

    1. denimdestroyedmylife


      let's resolve our disagreement with fisticuffs set against a backdrop of fast-fashion consumerism.

    2. po_boy_fuuma_hatesbargerz


      I said "Bitch, I own uniqlo"

    3. SSchadenfreude


      ^ u forgot "socks"

  7. Them American Apparel Men's ads–what odd fucking torture.

    1. kH0yA Sw@Gp0o

      kH0yA [email protected]

      adblock plus for chrome does wonders

    2. EKK


      they come through the ad block. Can't escape

  8. ahhh, the superfit females thread.. nothing like the feeling of uncertainty to end the day.

  9. I <3 your username. O_O

  10. silhouette like soft serve

  11. Arrival at inward office of exchange

  12. How good are the cookies there.

  13. There's a gentle roundness to the over all profile. It begins with a light mineral opening at the front of the sip, and finishes with decent sustain. The mouthfeel lasts anywhere between 10 to 20 seconds making it excellent an sipper between Asian appetizers.

    1. kH0yA Sw@Gp0o

      kH0yA [email protected]

      the amount of TDS is perfect

  14. katsu.. doom.

    1. kH0yA Sw@Gp0o

      kH0yA [email protected]

      the very name rings with power.

  15. My duck is bigger than yours.

  16. adidicks x adidowens

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342