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  1. how did you guys obtain your first bike?

    did you buy beaters than upgrade your shit later?

    The first bike I got, was my sister's old one. Then my parents bought me a few as I was still young. My first nice bike I got, was a track bike I found in a dumpster before I knew anything about them. It was some small japanese track frame. Brand started with a K. Not Kalavinka though. It had a front and rear brake though. It got stolen like 8 months later. And I learned that I had a track bike after doing a little research on the interwebs. Then I bought another on craigslist.

  2. Aerospokes are machined. Unless you painted the Aerospoke and didnt mask off the machined side wall, the paint would come off. If you ordered it from them and asked for it to be white, it would still have a machined sidewall.

    thanks. After looking at a closer picture I realized that the wheel has a braking surface.

    Now I've got a new addition to my bicycle....

  3. Chrome bags are real nice.

    Ive had the Citizen, and now use the massive Kremlin. Ive been able to use the bag beyond its capacity, which is nice. (I have a right shoulder grey/black Kremlin, but I need a left shoulder bag. If you guys kno someone who also has a Kremlin in grey left shoulder, but wants a right shoulder, hit me up.)

    Plus these bags have lifetime warranty...

    Jermy has a Freight Bag. Its pretty big/nice. But I actually like the seatbelt buckle on the Chromes.

    I want one of their backpacks. (Chrome)

    I have a chrome too and love it. I think the reason for most people's dislike for them is that they're one of the more popular bags. And the buckle annoys me sometimes..

  4. so is the fact that you're stealing money from a group of people that worked their asses off and aren't gonna make any profits. None of them are making money off of this. Downloading it will just put them more in debt. And it's not like you don't have the money..

  5. my question is, if they are called a pair of jeans, the "pair" is referring to the pair of legs. But why do we call a pant leg a pant leg? Shouldn't it just be called a pant?

    you see, when refering to boots, you say a pair of boots. Because one boot and another boot, make a pair of boots. Why doesn't one pant, and another pant make a pair of pants?

  6. does anyone on here have a brooklyn machine works Gangsta?

    I don't see why someone would... the concept of that bike seems rather silly.

    But, I'm selling my deep V's. anyone want to buy them before I'm forced to go to ebay?

    black, non machined, 3x back, radial front, like 30 miles on them.


  7. what's wrong with 100 starting offer the sticker price is 120? and they retails for 148

    also my bin is definitely negotiable. it's just a price. doesn't mean i actually have to have 350.

    and third thing, i work 6 days a week. so i do have a job. enough with the stupid insults.

    A. we don't do "starting offers". Just a set price.

    B. Retail is the "sticker price". The stores are just raping kids. Almost as much as you.

    C. Stop reselling, so kids who actually want them can actually afford them.

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