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  1. Sweet. Now that they're got the mlproject approval, I'm definitely going to get one. Pursuit is good for me because I have longer legs than I do torso, so it won't look like I have my seat jacked up as high. They're out of the black at the moment though :(. Another nice thing is that you can buy their frames without logos, but their logo is pretty cool, so I'm not really sure what I'm going to do.

    How much are the affinity frames?

  2. well the 600 is a good bracket, yours just went bad? a sealed shimano cartridge is good. if you have money and want a track one, the sugino one is awesome

    well, to start off, I always feel like I'm forced to put too much effort on this to pedal. Then, a week after my shop first put it in, it started rocking side to side. So they tightened the axle. Now it's making this metal on metal grinding noise. Awesome. Do what BB's come in italian threads?

  3. ok, so my bottom bracket sucks. I have a shimano 600 on my de bernardi now. I'm convinced it's the source of a few problems. And I got the thing for free. Any reccomendations on models, brands or open/closed?

  4. It's a prime number. Since the number of skid spots is equal to the number of teeth on the cog divided by the GCF of the number of teeth on the cog and the chainring, you get the most possible skid spots if the number of teeth on cog and chainring are relatively prime. And since every number that's smaller than a prime is relatively prime to it, I can use any cog I want and not worry about having all my skidding happen in one place.

    oooooooohhhhhh... I wasn't sure what you were getting at. I thought you were gonna post a picture or something and then forgot haha.

  5. fix- nice fit on the 710s. Been eyeing them for awhile and finally placed an order for size 29, but im about 125lbs.
    Great fit..can't believe your 145 pounds and fit a 29...call that skinny waist...
    =[ now im confused...was sure that i was a 30 in 710's.....

    29 hmmm....

    I think a pretty good amount of my weight is in my arms. I work out a bit, especially this summer. I'm assuming I'd probably be around 130 maybe if I didn't work out so much.

  6. It's called toe overlap ... it happens on 'most' bikes and should only happen when you're going at very slow speeds.

    I don't know how much toe overlap you're getting but it usually isn't a great deal of a problem.

    just wondering, has anyone ever taken a spill because of toe overlap?

  7. Damn Fix, those Samurai's fit so nicely, was the length a 37 before you hemmed em'?

    Nice pickup big guy.:D

    haha, yep. I was ognna get three inches off, but I realized that they weren't quite done shrinking, so I settled with two and a cuff for now.

  8. So here's my fit pics of my 710's. They're 29's. My waist is about a 31. I'm 145 pounds and 5' 9" or 10". They have about one more inch in the inseam to shrink and I got two inches hemmed off, so they'll be a 34 in the end. They're still not completely stretched out.



  9. wow, all of those scratches came out.

    But I have a slight problem. My BB on the frame I'm building rocks side to side. It's tight on the frame, but the part that actually connects to the crank arms moves left to right very easily. Anyone know what the problem may be? I'm assuming it would still rock back and forth with the cranks and chain attatched. But I'm not sure. Can anyone shed some light?

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