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  1. I think in very few cases it's worth the loot. sugino 75's aren't worth the cash unless you get a deal, in my opinion. A lot of frames are over rated. What you get when you buy a nice frame is quality, a name, and possibly aesthetics. However you can easily find a much cheaper frame with almost equal quality. Some headsets (chris kings) I think are purely for aesthetics. There are cheaper headsets out there that are the same if not better. But it really is good to invest in a nice seat, wheelset/tires, chain and just a setup that won't fall apart on you. But whatever you want to buy to keep you riding is ok with me.

  2. In my opinion, the parts make the bike over the frame. I mean, as long as the frame isn't falling apart and fits you and you're ok with the weight, I don't see why you'd need a new one.

    And no one has a machined front wheel to sell me? pretty please?

  3. Does anyone want to trade their machined front wheel for my non-machined all black deep v radially laced to an iro hub? I prefer black. Offer anything though. I'll buy one too if you don't want my deep v.

  4. repeater, your comments are useless. neg rep.

    And stunt, do you have the type of seat post that you use an allen key to tighten in the seat or a wrench? And yu're positive the rails sit well in their position? I've tightened in my seat but put the rails were slanted, so after a bit of riding it falls into the right position, and it's loose.

  5. Have you ever riden with flat bars? They do not feel the same as if you were to ride riser bars, especially gold Pro-Taper's like mine. Flat bars are just... flat out straight. Riser bars are a little angled towards you, totally different. Plus the shit looks better. Dicknose.

    I'm tired of all you fucking assholes critiquing other peoples bikes, if you don't like it just shut the fuck up.

    1. I wasn't the one critiquing anyone. I was defending the guy you aimed your unnneeded comment at.

    2. since when aren't flat bars allowed to be bent towards you?

    3. I guess you beat the guy with the aesthetic view though.

    4. This goes to everyone, if you put it on the internet, it'll get critiqued. Everything. (including your old knuckle).

    5. I find many of your comments unnecessary.

    Alright, I'll just stick with it and keep practicing. Thanks again for the info.

    It always helped me to think of the pedals as a balance board..

  6. how did you get nitto bullhorns into a nitto track stem, they are different sizes, no?

    I'm not sure who this was directed at, But I'm pretty positive they;re the same size; 25.4.

  7. BUT it takes away the aesthetic of the bike.

    Which is the reason why people buy X parts for their bike, to have them have that look they enjoy.

    Thats why I dont get why people on Bikeforum bitch about wat this bike has, wat that bike has, etc etc.

    Its all preference, like I always express.

    i guess if you have the money..

    but the dickface part was completely random and unnecessary.

    oh, And I'll take some pics of my newest bike this week.

  8. I have a 2" dropped stem and a 2" riser bar, you know why? So it balances out dickface.

    first of all, You can use flat bars for this "balance" if you want it to be parrallel with the headtube... And you won't have to pay for the expensive stem. (which is what I think the guy in the original post was talking about.)

    second of all, you sound like a jerk.


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