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  1. If you have use for a geared bike, go for it. I'd personally fix that, at least for a bit

    please listen to so-so. There's nothing I hate more than when I find a perfect road bike, only to find that someone converted it to a fixed gear.

  2. chappaqua? i remember one night I was taking the last train out of GCT to white plains piss drunk, fell asleep, woke up in Chappaqua at 3 am with a dead cellphone and no taxis. tried asking motherfuckers if i could use their phone but everyone basically ignored me. i had work the next morning so i started walking on whatever parkway was closest to the train station until i flagged down a bread truck. dude let me use his cellphone to call a cab and even offered me free food cause I was in such a shit situation. so yeah, fuck people in chappaqua.

    yep.. chappaqua.. the only surprising thing about this is that a cop didn't stop you. Every night I'm in town they just follow you in their cars with their high beams on..

  3. Looking for a quick sale through paypal or money order.

    I live in NY.

    Umbro by Kim Jones sneakers.

    Size 10.

    Worn a couple of times.

    $50 shipped.


    MJ Vans Slip ons.

    Size 10.

    Worn Twice.

    $45 shipped.


    Yes Style Sneakers.

    Size 42, which fits a US 9.

    Worn once.


    Uniqlo Striped Cardigan.

    Size Medium.

    Brand new. Still has tags.

    $35 shipped.


  4. and if you're on a long ride I like to save my energy for pushing, not stopping. AND, if you live where there's a ton of huge hills, going brakeless is just annoying, slow and tiring.

  5. you know those bars would fit that stem right?

    A. no, the bars are 25.4, and the stem is 26.0. I'd need a shim.

    B. I don't need such a long stem and I prefer my bullhorns, so I don't need drops.

  6. does anyone have anything for sale in here?

    a black machined deep v/ iro hub wheel set.


    Nitto b123 39cm drops.


    Campy AC-S BB. Italian threaded. 111mm.


    135mm black cinelli 1a stem.

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