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  1. I'm a junior this year, but I got asked.

    I'm dressing up as a vampire cause i got forced into going. Cape, cane, fangs, tux, ruby medallion. It's a surprise for her.

  2. PM me with anything.

    Shipping is conus.

    Looking for quick sales.

    Reigning Champ Crewneck.

    Great Condition.

    Size Medium.

    The marks are from the camera! Not on the shirt.

    Same people that make the Wings and Horns and Spruce stuff.

    $40 Shipped.




    Umbro by Kim Jones Sneakers.

    Good Condition.

    Size US 10.

    $30 Shipped.


  3. So my work (design within reach) is catering to the bread line by offering a 15% off discount on top of free shipping. If you do not know what DWR is we carry authentic mid century modern furniture as well as other high end home furnishings and we did not offer sales like these until the market dropped.


    I will most likely be fired from here because our sales suck and I'm the newest blood so if you have any questions about anything please feel free to PM me or hit me up at [email protected] for the best results.

    I had to do a project on that Fuego barbecue DWR had made for a marketing class. Small world.

  4. Didnt wanna make a new thread since one already exists from ages back... but does anyone own the Howard pants? Need advice on fit please.

    I do I believe. I can take measurements if you'd like.

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