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  1. first time posting in here.. (I always thought this thread was super meth heads...)

    But anyways. I started lifting some time ago and i love it. But I'm 5' 9", was 140lbs when I started or so. Recently I hit 184lbs (same bf), and decided i wanted to cut down on lifting. I want to slim down, (lose 8-10lbs), but I want to still lift and keep my strength. I started lifting with 15+ reps each set and lift only 2-3 times a week. Is this a good way to keep my strength, but get less muscle bulky?

  2. FOR SALE:




    And here it is with the tubular wheelset (and different bar tape)-


    54cm 1993 Eddy Merckx Corsa

    Columbus SL tubing

    Campy Chorus 8-speed group with brifters

    Campy Seatpost

    Giordana saddle

    Cinelli bars/stem

    I have two wheelsets for the bike-

    1. Shimano 105 hubs laced to Matrix Iso 3 rims (clincher) with brand new WTB Camino tires.

    2. Record hubs laced to Campy Victory Strada rims (tubular) Front wheel is missing tube.

    It's in good condition, a few scratches, and three small patches of surface rust on the underside of the top tube. It's from the pump that used to sit on the bike. I included a pic.



    Modern road bike in same (or similar size)

    Black quill stems

    Set of 25-30c tires

    110 bcd chainring

    PM me..

  3. brigadeshop.com is having a sale, plus you can use the "plus20" code for 20% more off. there's apc denim, nice collective, apolis activism etc...

    just bought some things, but there was no spot to put the code for me. I emailed them asking.

  4. would a ratio of 46 x 18 really slow me down compared to 48 x 18's ratio?

    how well can you guys track stand and stuff on 48's?

    i find it pretty difficult to do.

    maybe i'll try 48 / 17 if it lets me go faster

    I rode 48/16 for a while, trackstanding is easy, but climbing got too tough and i switched to 48/17. I like it the best.

  5. I would if you could describe what this was like a bit better, doesn't make any sense as it reads.

    makes sense to me... if it was both cranks that slipped, I'd say it's probably the rear wheel. It seems unlikely something would happen to both cranks or pedals.

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