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  1. Putting this thing up, since I'm not wearing it, and it deserves just that.

    This jacket is, as far as i can tell, a very limited production by Sakuto Motoike, son of leather leather sculptor Hideo Motoike from back in 08, when he did a line of very aggressive leatherwear that's quite counter to the americana (i presume) he does now. Line is now defunct.

    Cows leather, silver bone buttons and cotton inners. Not sure about the sleve lining, but i assume it's cupro or something along those lines.

    Bought it of the man who runs the CCP gallery http://theofficegallery.com on Cypress. It was from his private collection.
    Retail price was 4000 euro for him, back when he bought it, though i don't remember where.

    Worn very sparsely (say once a year) by me.

    Asking price right now is 2500 euro, but offers are welcome.



    "Discolourations" from the dying process. Unique in that way.



    Notice the spots here. A few more on the other side. Were there when i got it. Doesn't do anything negative to the look.


    Leather tag. Notice the silver bone buttons.



    Will take more pictures for serious buyers and answer questions to the best of my ability.

    From the same maker, but quite a bit later and in a different style period.
    Size 3 desert boots, from before they started doing the more clunky look of the goodyear welt. Used quite a bit and rubbersoled a few times. Heel also rebuild a few times. No laces. Made of one piece of leather (tongue excluded).
    Paid 600 usd for them back in the days, but it was including a very difficult shipping route (they didn't sell to people who weren't in store to try them)




    Price, 100 euro.


    Cedar wood shoe trees I'll throw in with the shoes for an ekstra 30 euro.

    Again, I'll add extra photos if wanted.

  2. Hi

    Selling a pair of Jomons bought in 2008 (in case they changed the model).

    No signs of wear aside from a broken thread at the left front pocket.

    size 29/33

    Questions welcome.

    Price 400 USD including shipping from Denmark.


  3. Is it 'oop-sah-lah'?

    Crushin' on Sweden as a country of choice, but it seems uptight on religion and booze/drugs, so our relationship would probably never work out. Despite gangly blonds and well-designed everything.

    Sweden uptight on religion? First i ever heard of it.

  4. Shit loads of people are atheists and don't talk about it all the time, in fact I'd say that most people in the west are atheists/agnostic - even many that self identify as christian often don't actually have any belief. I know this is especially common in the UK.

    When I was at school we had to fill out our religion on a form and my parents told me to put CofE (Church of England) despite the fact that we NEVER went to church and none of my family believe in God.

    Same as when I did jury duty, we were asked if we wanted an affirmation, rather than swearing on the bible. I was the only person who asked for one, but when it came to trial, half the jury ended up asking for it. They just didn't want to be the first person to ask for it.

    Personal gripe, but please don't use those two words interchangeably.

    Also, preachy atheists are like small kids who just found out that they are right about something and that everyone else are wrong, so they go around shouting it out loud. Bah.

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