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  1. Kaihara Indigo Special Edition Europa


    I love denim. I can't get enough of it. I have been on Superfuture for a while and I think my latest creation out of concrete might resonate with a few of you.

    I am a sculptor that works primarily in concrete. I am the founder of a small design house and lead designer of a small production team doing fine art commissions architectural detail and small run production art. I also do fine art that

    For reference here are my websites:

    http://www.concretecat.com - Architectural detail

    http://concrete-cat-....myshopify.com/ - handcast production art

    http://www.mattheide.com - Concrete fine art sculpted panels


    Our Kaihara special Europa is for denim heads an aficionados who just can’t get enough indigo in their life. I love indigo, it is a perfect colour that goes with everything and can look natural, vintage or modern depending on the context it is placed in.

    Natural indigo pigment and the gorgeous purple and crimson hues it develops inspired me to create a colouring method for concrete that can replicate natural indigo not only in tone but in the way it wears and patinas over time. We named this special edition after the Kaihara Mill in Fukuyama who has been hand dying indigo fabrics since 1893 and is legendary in the denim world for their rope dying methods and history.

    Just like high quality denim our secret concrete blend is designed to last forever and develop a beautiful patina with age. Treat this special edition Europa like a pair of raw jeans. If you do absolutely nothing Europa will develop patina and a rich luster just from handling and normal use; or you can buff and wax it selectively to accelerate the patina process. You start with something raw and you end up with something unique.


    Buff Europa as you see fit. Just like a fresh pair of raw jeans there is some surface indigo that will rub off as it gets handled, this will last for a very short time while Europa is in her most raw state.

    The more you buff the more “worn in†the vessel will become revealing a deep purple and crimson hue underneath the indigo. Just like your favorite pair of jeans the wear your Europa develops is unique and personal to you and you alone.








    You can purchase from the link on our site:


    Or right here for $69 CAD plus $10 CAD shipped anywhere in the world. Email me for bulk orders.

    email: [email protected]

  2. Hi Futurians,

    I need a new flat bag/waist bag/ fanny pack. Preferably leather, preferably black but I am open to ideas.

    I am having a really problem finding a decent one. Mine was a leather Roots flatbag but it was a bit too casual, sometimes looked like it was a chewbacca satchel.

    From all my hunting I have really only turned up the usual suspects like coach, gucci, and LV. They are all too logo'ed. The black Gucci one is almost decent but still too flashy.

    If anyone has seen of anything vaguely resembling my description I would love some direction.

  3. Selling of some stuff that either don't wear or have never worn.

    Prices include shipping within Continental US and Canada please contact for shipping elsewhere. Boxes not included, all packages will be shipped regular post in padded soft side freight envelopes.

    First up is a pair of Puma Dassler white shoes with coloured graffiti. I have worn about 15-20 times but only in decent weather and not for very long, I would give them a condition of 90% there is a tiny scuff in the leather, I'll let the pics speak for themselves. They are euro size 43 that is size 10 US.

    39 USD shipped





    Paul May belt size Large, fits 34-32 approximately, this belt has never been worn as it turns out skulls are not for me. I bought it on impulse because the leather felt so nice and the flower pattern was really cool. The colour is black but it looks closer to charcoal to me very cool grain to the leather. Once again the pics speak of the quality.

    75 USD shipped




    Adidas Shoe belt size large, fits 34-32 this belt has been worn a few times and has a couple minor scuffs on it but is it pretty good condition. A great looking buckle but just not my style anymore so someone else should wear it I would rate it at 95%

    29 USD shipped


    Some Geox shoes, these have been work 15-20 times for formal occasions. Once again not my style but someone else may like them for the right price, pretty comfortable and would make a good work shoe if wearing black shoes is part of the uniform. I paid about 190 for these at Henry Singer a few years ago. Euro size 43 which is size 10 US. I would rate them at 90%.

    34 USD Shipped



    Happy buying

  4. It has been a while sine a thread has made me laugh out loud but you have done it. I am not laughing at you so I hope you don't take offense to me saying this but the responses are pretty funny thomas-hs cracked me up.

    That being said good luck with your sales, you have a mega set of balls to just list all those bad boys on here and then post pics I am gonna give you some rep for that.

    BTW- do you have any of the old Italian made diesel I think around the late eighties early nineties - I believe the line was called "Old Glory"?

  5. for reference, i just sold my 4GB on ebay for $250 + shipping. so they are still comanding a premium, given the fact that the agreement regarding the new one is you have 30 days to enter into a contract through ATT or they fine you $200, which would effectively increase the phones price to the same price as a new Gen. 1 8GB.

    This is something to consider. Despite the differences in hard and software the first gen iphone at 250 is a great deal.

  6. They're women's jeans (hint: RBW in model name) , thus actual waist is always larger than tag. Some have unisex cut though.

    Thanks for the answer but still didn't really answer my question as to where Post50 got his measurements from. Are they an actual measurement that he did is my question. Also to rephrase my other question, almost all the rag and bone jeans I have seen have a model name- do these as well or is it just the number? I am try to find them on some web stores to see if I can find a picture of someone with them on. As well are they black or overdyed black over blue?

    thanks again for the responses.

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