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  1. STUDIO D'ARTISAN TASOGARE SHIRTS & KUROZOME JEANS Studio D’Artisan’s TASOGARE gradient natural plant dyed shirt is here. A truly impressive textile from Studio D'Artisan, dyed using only native Japanese natural dyes and made to resemble the changing colors of an evening sky. Studio D’Artisan’s Kurozome jeans are also back! Do you want black jeans or do you want the blackest black jeans? If you’ve been thinking your black jeans aren’t black enough, Studio D’Artisan has you covered. Dyed using the Kurozome method from Kyoto which creates the "blackest black" using only natural dyes; done by Kyoto Montsuki, a century old dye-house founded in 1915. Shop Studio D'Artisan Online: https://www.selfedge.com/studio-dartisan
  2. NEW SAMURAI SUMMER COLLECTION The new S0520XX jean is Samurai's newest iteration of a classic straight leg jean with a medium rise and a tapered leg. These are made of their custom 15oz "Otokogi" denim made of a 100% Texas cotton fiber with tightly twisted slub yarns for an amazing texture and a unique aging potential. Samurai hits us with one of the best looking work shirts we’ve seen in some time. The contrast triple-chainstitch construction really does it for us and the nice engraved nut buttons over the sulfur-dyed herringbone fabric look great. Samurai’s Baker Pants are finally back in stock; we’ve had three small runs of these at our stores and they disappeared quickly. We’ve had Samurai make us a new batch and they now come with a very fancy sparkly selvedge ID. These “baker” pants are made of a unique 15oz fabric developed by Samurai that has a nice deep olive color and has some great textural qualities we've not seen before in any fabric before. Shop Samurai Online: https://www.selfedge.com/samurai
  3. I get asked this on a daily basis from customers via email, social media DM's, etc.. and I never know what to answer because what really IS "true to size"? Who's determined the "true" size of anything? If you're a person who's been buying Japanese brands your true to size for jean would be the waist matching the tagged size by .5", where as if you're a person buying western brands your true would be anywhere between 1" to 3" above that.. so really there is no "true to size" as a universal saying.
  4. STAR OF HOLLYWOOD & SUN SURF SUMMER COLLECTIONS + WHITESVILLE T-SHIRTS All the shirts you need to get your summer fit right are here. We've got dobby loom woven shirts from Star of Hollywood, filament rayon shirts from Sun Surf, and fujiette rayon shirts from Duke Kahanamoku. Now at all stores in limited numbers along with a very large restock of Whitesville t-shirt 2-packs in four colors.
  5. MERZ B. SCHWANEN SUMMER COLLECTION Merz B. Schwanen's summer collection has landed at all six of our stores this week. We have their new Classic Green seasonal color in tees and polo shirts, heavyweight 2-thread 215 t-shirts in various colors with and without pockets, Super Duper Heavyweight t-shirts in various colors, and a full restock of their loopwheeled underwear. Shop Merz B. Schwanen Online: https://www.selfedge.com/merz-b-schwanen
  6. 3SIXTEEN DOUBLE BLACK JEANS & PIMA COTTON T-SHIRTS Straight leg and classic tapered jeans from 3sixteen are here in a 14.5oz black/black Japanese selvedge denim. We’ve also just received a large delivery of 3sixteen t-shirt 2-packs. These are available in both heavyweight and (slightly oversized) Pima cotton variations, both also available with and without pockets in black or white. Get em now at all 6 of our stores. Shop 3sixteen Online: https://www.selfedge.com/3sixteen
  7. BONCOURA DUCK HUNTER CAMO PAINTER SHORTS There is a lot to say about Boncoura’s new Duck Hunter Camo shorts; a reinterpretation of the quintessential American work pant, transformed into shorts and enhanced by the use of Duck Hunter Camo fabric. These shorts are made from a thick herringbone fabric that is specially printed with Duck Hunter Camo on both sides, offering different colors on each side. Designed with deep hand pockets for practicality, the coin pocket is slightly shallower than its vintage counterparts to enhance accessibility, while the side pockets are thoughtfully sized to accommodate items like an iPhone and vary in size from left to right for added functionality. True to their work pants heritage, the shorts include a wrench loop for those employed at OK House Building Services. The sides are reinforced with triple stitching using a vintage sewing machine, ensuring durability, while the thick belt loops add strength. The top button features an original lacquered laurel wreath design typical of wartime buttons. The zipper with a BONCOURA original logo is like vintage cotton zipper tapes, and the right side of the back patch pocket displays the BONCOURA name on a woven patch. Reinforcement below the back pockets is achieved by applying an additional layer of fabric on the inside, doubling up the material for increased strength. Truly a pair of very well thought out shorts. Shop Boncoura Online: https://www.selfedge.com/boncoura
  8. The reason for this is because years ago the common sizes for jeans were 28 to 32, but as people got larger over the years manufacturers stuck to the old sizing method which is to skip the odd sizes in less common sizes. Now the best selling sizes (in the west) are 33 and 34 (in Japanese brand sized jeans), meaning most companies should be making 35 and 37, but they don't.
  9. FLAT HEAD CHROMEXCEL ENGINEER BOOTS & HAND-SEWN WALLETS It's a real leather party over here with our new delivery of Flat Head Chromexcel cowhide engineer boots, Wild Child cowhide and shell cordovan wallets, mid-length cowhide wallets, and shell cordovan small wallets. All are available now in black or tan. Shop Flat Head Online: https://www.selfedge.com/the-flat-head
  10. I'm sorry but we cannot rush repairs.. at each store we have anywhere between 30 and 75 jeans in the queue, and we do them all in the order they were received at the shop. We can mail them to you once they're done if you'd like? Alternatively, you can see if Railcar or Indigo Proof offer a rush service for repairs, they also do great work.
  11. NEW ARRIVALS FROM IRON HEART We've just received a huge delivery from Iron Heart including jeans in all weights from 14oz up to 25oz, denim jackets and vests in indigo and overdyed black, loopwheeled hoodies in three colors, and long sleeve snap buttoned shirts in a indigo Kersey fabric. Shop Iron Heart Online: https://www.selfedge.com/iron-heart
  12. STRIKE GOLD LOOPWHEELED T-SHIRTS & HEAVY LOOPWHEELED HOODIES Strike Gold loopwheeled t-shirts are back! These are the ultimate loopwheeled t-shirts, no surprise that they come from Strike Gold, a brand highly dedicated to pushing the boundaries of both selvedge denim and loopwheeled basics. This heavy 100% cotton fabric is made on vintage loopwheeling machines in Japan. Not many of these machines still exist in the world as they're difficult to maintain and run at a very slow pace. This jersey is produced and pulled down by gravity to create a zero tension knit, creating that trademark horizontal pattern you seen in a well worn in loopwheeled t-shirt or sweater. Available now in black, white, and navy We've also received heavy loopwheeled crewneck sweaters and hoodies in three colors. Shop Strike Gold Online: https://www.selfedge.com/strike-gold
  13. 3SIXTEEN VACATION SHIRTS & WIDE LEG BLACK JEANS 3sixteen’s new Vacation Shirts are here, this time made of a cotton and hemp blend and finished with a minimal hand-stitched detail, available in black and plum. We've also receive new wide leg jeans, made of a 14.5oz black/black Japanese selvedge denim. Shop 3sixteen Online: https://www.selfedge.com/3sixteen
  14. SUGAR CANE SUMMER COLLECTION OF SHIRTS & JEANS Sugar Cane has done a reproduction of the uniforms worn in Coca-Cola factories during the summer months of the 1950's and 1960's. These are made of a custom herringbone twill fabric and are available now in a new green color and we have a restock of last year’s khaki. We also have new kasuri fabric shirts, black denim type II jackets, and a very long awaited restock of the iconic Okinawa and Hawaii mixed-fiber jeans. Shop Sugar Cane Online: https://www.selfedge.com/sugar-cane
  15. (not so) fun fact: Nearly every single person talking shit in that post is from Indonesia or Singapore, every single one...
  16. SEUVAS MATCHA-DYED CAPSULE COLLECTION Seuvas brings us a new match dyed capsule collection taking their three best selling garments and presenting them in a subtle green by garment dying them in matcha. We also have a new "wing collar" jacket with a nice side tied gusset detail. Seuvas is a brand dedicated to the art of producing canvas of all weights. They own their own canvas looms and factory which produces their canvas exactly to their specifications for the right look and texture. They even cut and sew all the garments in their own workshop in Kurashiki, Japan using vintage sewing machines so that the canvas reacts with just the right amount of puckering at the seams. The only exterior branding on their garments is a single hand-made porcelain button made from clay ore (Amakusa pottery stone) mined in Amakusa City, Kimamoto prefecture, Japan. Amakusa pottery stone is a historic pottery stone that is a raw material which has been used in Japanese pottery since the 17th century. These porcelain buttons are designed by Seuvas and made in the traditional way in Amakusa. Shop Seuvas Online: https://www.selfedge.com/seuvas
  17. MASAHIRO MARUYAMA SUMMER COLLECTION This week we have three new titanium and acetate eyewear models from Masahiro Maruyama’s new “UNFINISHED ART” collection. All three are made of Japanese titanium and acetate and come with tinted Carl Zeiss lenses with each frame's lens color matching the frame to the designer's specifications. As always, these lenses can be swapped out for prescription lenses by any optician. Shop Masahiro Maruyama: https://www.selfedge.com/masahiro-maruyama
  18. NEW MISTER FREEDOM JEANS & SUMMER SHIRTS Three very hot releases from Mister Freedom just hit our stores. We have new jeans made of a Vidalia Mills black selvedge denim, a NOS Cone Mills Denim indigo jean, and the Watertown short sleeve cotton and linen chambray, named after the internal code name for AREA51. Please check our product pages on our site for in depth spec lists for all three garments. Shop Mister Freedom Online: https://www.selfedge.com/mister-freedom
  19. Yes, at their expo in Paris last summer they explained that they've tweaked the fit on all their straight leg jeans starting this season.
  20. THE STUDIO D'ARTISAN SUMMER COLLECTION One of the most impressive collections we've seen from Studio D'Artisan just landed at all stores. We have natural indigo dyed jeans and shirts, 45th anniversary summer shirts, 15oz denim jeans in a new straight leg fit, loopwheeled t-shirts, and a beautiful O△X rayon blend short sleeve. Shop Studio D'Artisan: https://www.selfedge.com/studio-dartisan
  21. PURE BLUE JAPAN 16.5OZ SLUB DENIM JEANS Today we have Pure Blue Japan’s 013 and 019 fits in a tasty denim style they've developed to contain just the right about of slub in a nice medium weight 16.5oz unsanforized (but Self Edge-style rinsed) denim. This comes in their popular straight tapered fit and slim tapered fit. Shop Pure Blue Japan Online: https://www.selfedge.com/pure-blue-japan
  22. I also like to walk around my stores pointing at the random jeans we carry, the ones our staff wears, and just say "I made those".
  23. Due to some issues at the denim mill used to produce the mixed fiber denim Sugar Cane is no longer producing these year round. Both the Okinawa and Hawaii will only be made once a year or so, making them a bit difficult to find in stock unless you buy a pair right when a retailer restocks it.
  24. MEGA IRON HEART DELIVERY OF EVERYTHING We've just receive a few very large shipments of new releases from most people's favorite brand at Self Edge, Iron Heart. We have natural indigo dyed M65 jackets, various short and long sleeve shirts made of denim, flannel, and everything in between. We've also received jeans in every fit and weight from 14oz up to 25oz along with split steer cowhide type III jackets in two colors, key clips, and much more. Shop Iron Heart Online: https://www.selfedge.com/iron-heart
  25. A Whitesville t-shirt worn for 13 years.. they're not loopwheeled BUT it was worn by the guy who started this thread nearly 15 years ago:
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