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  1. @julian-wolf

    baked goods: pretzels, like the real ones, bavarian ones, swabian ones, taste both and make yourself an opinion, if you are in swabia: "Briegel" & "Seelen", maybe "Dinnete", if you are in Baden or the alsace tarte flambe or "flammkuchen", "zwiebelkuchen" is also a big thing around these parts, but you might be a little late for it. classically with fresh wine. 
    If possible try the whole grain breads, usually made in rectangle molds, lots of grains, sometimes nuts and stuff ;)

    cheese: lots and lots of tiny cheesemakers in the alps between munich and italy, sometimes takes a good hike to get there, but you should try it out. 

    4 minutes ago, beautiful_FrEaK said:

    That's whole Germany for you :D

    Though the same @beautiful_FrEaK :D 

    anything withing a half day or day by train is pretty much: slovenia, austria, switzerland, the swabish and badish regions, even northern germany takes about 8 hours via ICE train. Maybe even try out the alsace, right across the border of Baden. 
    you could visit lake constance, the alps and the black forest and the vosges in a matter of 4 days if you rent a car. 

  2. 3 hours ago, NilsLW said:

    the 1966's are starting to look really good at the ~5 month mark.


    These remind me of the resolute 710s vibe-wise. Really dig your pair mate ;)

  3. 14 hours ago, julian-wolf said:

    @blooming TCB black ‘60s? Freewheelers 601RB?

    I have a pair of black 1001xx / 1000 from a bunch of years ago that are great, would be all for a reissue

    Black 60s? Am I out of the loop or is it a typo? 


  4. Seems like something new out of Paris came out: Brut "The Denim"
    Colour of the one-wash version reminds me strongly of Resolute 710s, seems like that's the recent hype in France with superstitch going the same route.
    Looking solid nonetheless, but not sure what to think about the clotch patch. 

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