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  1. 47 minutes ago, Saisen said:

    Official images via sneakernews

    ACRONYM x Nike Vapormax Moc
    Color: Light Bone/Light Bone-Black
    Style Code: AQ0996-001

    I probably won't be able to wear these, simply because my feet are insanely wide (to the point where I need custom boots—everything else is too narrow), but I actually like them quite a lot.

    I suspect we'll be seeing more "out there" stuff from Acronym this fall. They have to differentiate from the black-and-olive tech ninja thing all these other brands have moved in on. Hence the Shadow Project and ACG patterns, hence the exploration of camouflage. I could see white gore-tex making a comeback as well. They're trying to maintain tempo.

  2. 23 minutes ago, Cornuto said:

    Actually, more durable than I would have expected. 

    From pavement. I did not stick the landing.

    So two questions:

    1. Does it still keep water out?

    2. Does it still bead water on those areas that have been scuffed?

  3. 15 hours ago, AnomalousTautology said:

    Has anyone takes a look at the Monitor SL? How is it? it it just the monitor we all know and love made with the same fabric as the isogon?

    It's a completely different jacket. New patterning, different fit, and the material isn't the nylon/cotton blend of the Isogon but a 100% nylon weave. The feeling of the material is hard to explain, but I like it a lot. Can't yet comment on the details of the fit, as I haven't had the chance to try it on in my size.

  4. Does anyone have experience sizing Ten C? I like the sleeve length when I go with a size 50, but I'm concerned adding a liner will fill the thing out and make it too tight. Also, should I go with a size 50 liner if I'm going with a 50 in the shell?

  5. 1 hour ago, branespload said:

    the'yre working on shoes (boots to start, not leather), and expanding the bag lineup, so probably different nomin sizes/styles

    It's important to remember that the reason they don't just come out and say "we're working on X" is because sometimes they're working on it, but it doesn't work. Sometimes it fails and they have to put it aside for a while. The very first season of Veilance was supposed to have an accompanying side-bag. Obviously that didn't come together in time—and then it never came together. They're probably looking at all sorts of things right now... expanding the Nomin line, working with film-out Gore-Tex, using different materials for wallets and other carry goods... but we probably won't see half that stuff, just because of how the design process is.

  6. 4 minutes ago, danii said:

    I have put mine (VX07 X-PAC) in quite some heavy use. Here is a pic compared to brand new piece of x-pac fabric. The X fibers are more visible and it became softer and some bents are visible when empty but I cannot say it looks really bad. Ok there is a small tear but still looks fine for it's age (crappy iphone IMG file).


    The X-PAC used on the new bags is VX42, which is called Rugged X-PAC with 420 denier nylon face. The old VX07 is just listed as standard and has 70 denier rip-stop nylon face. Which sounds like it will last longer then the old black x-pac ones and way longer then the inside out -BLK and -SVR.


    Thanks for the insight danii. I guess we'll have to wait and see how these ones turn out (did anyone here grab one?). I still prefer the way the laminate myself—or even the old cottom ones, which seem to fade nicely like old military bags...

  7. 6 minutes ago, danii said:

    1. yes the 3A's are insane expensive, BUT...

    2. I'd rather pay 1350EUR to acrnm team then pay 1350EUR to some fucking opportunist who copped a bag for 800EUR and is looking for a profit on community he does not belong to, but heard it's cool

    3. if you take the pricepoint of -SVR or -BLK and add the "will-not-get-fucked-up-over-time tax" it's pretty fair price and comparable to your gf's LV

    1. Yes they are.

    2. Except that the hype is dying, and those 3A-3TS-SVRs and -BLKs have been sitting on Grailed for weeks. Now they're sitting there on the acrnm.com, priced at last year's resale prices, and, surprise surprise, they haven't sold out. Maybe the crew is sitting back like "job well done boys, we haven't sold all our product!," and good on them, I guess, if their goal was to not sell product, but...

    3. You should know better than most that xpac gets plenty fucked up over time—it doesn't matter if it's shiny or not. Black looks especially ratty after a couple years of hard use.

  8. 8 minutes ago, skycrawler said:

    I do look forward to greater innovation in both bags and apparell rather than just a color change. I do think that in the past seasons, the ACG line is much bolder and exciting in the way it tries to reinvent itself with each release. The KMTR sneakers is a perfect example, a completely new way to wear shoes for me.

    I was in Eliminator store in Tokyo last night, and they have a new collaboration with bagjack where they added their own details in their small messenger (around the size of the 8TS?), while not so radical because it really is just customization, these are details I really like. Magnetic clips, webbing, reinforced handle, laminate material (same as the acr laminate according to the sales person), external pouch that can be be velcro on the inside or attached onto the webbing, interior and strapping system is pretty much identical to the acr bags. Its pretty dope to me. I really hope there are more surprises in the next acr drop!


    That’s the interesting thing: Acronym is at least 4 or 5 years behind a few other brands in terms of tech. Arc’teryx’s mainline shells are actually way more advanced, and Bagjack’s bags have a larger feature set (at a lower price). Unless you’re really after the branding, or the hype, or the look... it’s sort of hard to justify.

  9. 57 minutes ago, edwardk said:

    E is just out here trying to be on his hustle making the freshest garmz and jawnz.

    "Fresh" here means a bag that was released in different colour in 2013 for literally half the price? A bag that's undergone minimal design changes since it was first released in 2001? A bag that every "brokeboi" on Instagram has been wearing for, what, five years now?

    Don't get me wrong—I like the 3a-1, and I like Errolson, and I hope he's finally making the sort of money he deserves. But this shit isn't "fresh."

  10. Oh, by the way, I have it on good authority that Conroy is 100% back and working on new stuff with the team, not just consulting (though he may technically still be on contract). As in, he's working directly on designs. This brings joy to my heart.

  11. 23 minutes ago, branespload said:

    oh haha yeah the actual garment in the listing is totally fake, i meant the stock photo it's referencing. but yea i only saw the workbook in passing so i'm probably wrong. i just remember the new graph design does look more 'mainline' if that makes any sense since it gets rid of the current stand collar on the graph

    Yeah, sorry, didn’t mean to come across so harsh. The new graph looks way better than that stock photo. The collar is also way higher.

  12. 1 hour ago, branespload said:

    looks like fw18 graph cardi

    It's not the new Graph—I've seen the new Graph in person, and it's very visibly made of merino. It also doesn't look anything like this. This looks like some sort of windbreaker material—look at those cuffs. It's more like a Nemis. Plus there's the matter of the tag, which is in the style of mainline, not Veilance. The zippers are all wrong. The images up top don't match with the actual product photos. I could go on...

  13. Have you guys noticed that every time someone says something like “my sources say ‘no drop this year,’” or some shit like that, there’s almost always a drop within the month?

    So I’m guessing no more drops till winter. ;)

  14. 18 minutes ago, Haackk said:

    Do you mind elaborating a bit? I have dreamt about good looking waterproof pants for years. Where do they fall short, in your opinion?  

    Gore-Tex is better than a plastic bag, but it's still sweaty as hell—even c-knit. Plus it's noisy, it creases easily, it has little or no stretch, and I've found the knit on the inside of the material tends to snag body hair every now and then. In the end I guess you just have to ask yourself: why are you trying to stay dry? Keeping your core safe from convection is a perfectly reasonable goal—too much rain, even on a warm day, can lead to problems with body temperature—but the legs? I'd much rather wear softshell pants.

  15. Some thoughts on this season:

    The Field LT feels like a completely different jacket compared to the previous version. It waaaay slimmer, no drawcord, etc... but even the shoulder feels different to me. Just sad it’s not in green.

    The Partition LT is much improved from the previous version. The old one was very conservatively cut—like an old British raincoat. Unless you’re Alec Guinness or Gary Oldman I’ll think you’ll like the newer version more. I’m looking forward to the Partition AR in the fall—it’ll be Gore-Tex Pro rather than c-knit.

    The Isogon still has absolutely no stretch—a weird, boxy, somewhat unforgiving fit. I had to size up because apparently the “Veilance Man” doesn’t have biceps or something. Nicest hood ever though.

    Fuck the hype. C-knit pants were never a good idea. The Convex LT pants are the stars of this season, pants-wise, in my opinion. Comfy as hell, really light and stretchy, and the pockets are really nice. Would go well with the Blazer LT.

    The Dyadic Comp Hoody is patterned really strangely. The shoulder almost seems constructed to make bringing your arms forward uncomfortable—something about the yoke. Plus the body is really wide compared to the Graph, the fabric is thinner and lighter, but for some reason they still put zip pockets on the front, so the whole thing ends up hanging a little bulky and boxy. Not a fan, even though I was most hyped for this one.

    I have yet to see the Monitor SL—Haven doesn’t have it in stock, nor does my local dead bird. Maybe they’ll be rolling them out later in the season? Still have no idea what the material is going to feel like.


  16. I mean, price is determined by all sorts of factors, including the old “what-we-can-get-away-with” metric... but man, there isn’t even a warranty on this stuff. The tech is like five years behind industry leaders, and the customer service is nonexistent. It’s a lot to pay for an aesthetic and a few fun-but-slightly-tired gimmicks. Aren’t you excited to pay more money than last year for interops and forcelock?

  17. 1 hour ago, drgitlin said:

    That’s been the rumor for a while now, glad to hear it’s not dead. 

    Conroy said they were working on it years ago, but that was just before he left. Sounds like his return has coincided with a revival in the project.

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