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  1. 1 hour ago, CARLOOA said:

    I've used it several times, the weird part of the film out is the fact that when the face of the fabric dries leaving whatever solids were in solution on the face (water marks) It's super prevalent—maybe because of the relative lack of surface area due to a smooth face. I guess you can call it patina but once it gets wet again, it's gone, I guess you really have to shake it off (s/o to T.Swift) once you're under shelter.

    I’ve been assuming this stuff is basically the “shakedry” goretex we’ve been seeing around—the stuff showing up in mainline arc’teryx and 7mesh—but with a more substantial backer. If that’s the case, shaking it dry makes sense given the name... My only issue is that the stuff can’t be very durable at all if it’s the same outer as shakedry. It certainly wouldn’t stand up to prolonged and repetitive abrasion (from bags, for example).

  2. 5 hours ago, johngalt said:

    I have no complaint in terms of price (though steep) but am just terribly off put by the down puffer.

    If what I’ve heard is true, my goodness, you’re not going to like what’s coming next year...

    Personally I find the Patrol Down way too warm, even without the shell on. It actually feels warmer than the Monitor Down... not sure if that’s just subjective though. And I really don’t like the cut of the shell—the hood is weirdly small, and the length is in this weird in-between... not the Node, but not the Monitor either. I much prefer the Patrol IS.

  3. 2 hours ago, branespload said:

    18 for the new one? the silhouette is still pretty big for an 18L bag if that's the case, i wouldve believed it's still 26L

    also, the seque seems small on paper but i was able to keep an index 5+5 packing cube, a 10L packing cube, 2 pairs of sneakers, a hat and the outlier UHWS in it on a recent trip. it was like 2 weeks worth of clothes as my personal item. not my fav for EDC but as a piece of luggage i like it a lot

    A really remarkable chunk of the Nomin’s volume is occupied by padding. But unless there was some sort of typo, yeah, the volume is actually less than the Seque. Having used both I can say I agree with you completely: that thing can take a lot of stuff. I just wish the material didn’t scuff and crease the way it does.

  4. Just now, RichChigga said:

    Yes, the drop is in two parts from what i've heard. Think its easier just to make a whole complete video instead of splitting it up, would make it weird if they started doing so in the future as well i'd think. 

    The reason I ask is that all the other items featured in the video are currently visible on the site, listed as "coming soon," but not the NG4.

  5. 14 minutes ago, edwardk said:

    Any tips on Veilance jacket sizing vs Mainline? I typically wear Medium in Mainline, I am  6'0 /175lbs athletic/thin. 

    Just picked up a Veilance Align from FW14 in Medium, hoping its not TOO trim. Also thoughts on the condition? Kinda sad a few sold on grailed for 300 a few months ago. 

    Veilance Align Med Black-Ebay

    Veilance is definitely more "tailored," but at your height/weight you should be okay. The only issue you may encounter is that sleeves can be a little tighter in Veilance, I guess because they're not as concerned with mobility as mainline. In any case, sizing up usually doesn't go well in my experience.

  6. 41 minutes ago, branespload said:

    I mean, the Haedn is a bomber made with a fairly structured fabric. I can see why it's a little boxier. It fits a little big on me but I'm already an XS.

    If you want something slimmer that's kinda similar, the graph cardi fits great.

    also @Toilettebun my Achrom IS has also slightly delofted, I suspect it's after washing and drying. I don't know if its compromised the warmth of the jacket at all though.

    its weird, some stuff looks/fits better after a wash for me (apparat, nemis) but insulated stuff not so much

    The issue I've had with the Haedn Jacket and the Nemis is that the waistband simply doesn't do what it's supposed to do, assuming its elasticity is supposed to fit snugly around the waist (as it would in a normal bomber). Looking at the Veilance product photos, the model seems to have the right hip-waist ratio for the jacket, but the fit seems very particular, and there isn't much margin for "error."

    @branespload have you tried on this season's Mionn IS or Graph? The Mionn IS is definitively slimmer than last season, and the Graph seems slimmer as well, but I don't own an old one for reference. If you could check and compare for us that'd be awesome.

  7. 14 hours ago, AnomalousTautology said:

    Like most insulated jackets, the Feild IS makes me feel like a marshmallow. I've always preferred mid-layers and a shell 

    It's worth noting that the Veilance insulated shells do sort of "deflate" over time. My Mionn IS is somewhat flatter than when I first bought it, and most of the aged Monitor Downs I've seen are also considerably less puffy than brand new ones; I expect the Field IS would flatten a bit with time. That being said, I also prefer to layer, so in the end I'm not sure it makes much difference.

  8. 6 hours ago, CARLOOA said:

    I don't know dimensions but the laptop section seems to be able to accommodate less than the 1.0 Nomin.

    This was alluded to by branespload earlier, but the pocket at the top of the laptop compartment is actually fixed to the frame sheet via velcro, and can be detached so that the pocket can be pushed forward, providing more room for a laptop. In other words, laptop capacity is the same or greater than the old Nomin.

    A couple of other thoughts about the current season, having handled all the new pieces pretty extensively (except for the Mionn Pullover):

    1. Where I am, the star of the season has been the Haedn Jacket. It doesn't look good on me, but if you don't have a skinny neck like mine you'll probably have better luck. My biggest gripe is that the zipper pull has the "Veilance" logo on it, which kills any possibility of CPU-status. On top of that, I keep asking: who is this imaginary guy they're sizing for, with the crazy-wide hips?? The waistbands on both the Nemis and the Haedn Jacket are super-loose on me. Even my wide-hipped bros aren't filling those waistbands out.

    2. It may simply be that I've gained weight, but the Mionn IS and the Graph Cardigan both feel significantly slimmer than last year. I'd be curious to know if anyone else has noticed this. One other person I know has mentioned it, but I'm not sure.

    3. The Haedn Overshirt might be my favourite new piece. It's incredibly soft, looks great (like a wool chore jacket), and there's some really clever pattern-making going on there, especially around the cuffs. The buttons are blessedly not the slide-locking ones.

    4. The Field Pant is getting a lot of love, but man, so swishy.

    5. The Seque has had a small change in the form of a pull tab that you can hold onto while zipping/unzipping. This actually improves the usability of the pack considerably; it's a nice reminder that they're actually paying attention to the little details.

    6. Wallets were supposed to come next season; not sure why they're here early.

    7. The Patrol Down is stupid-warm. Like, debilitatingly warm. I live in a very cold place, and this thing will be too warm. I wish they'd brought back the Patrol IS instead.

  9. 12 minutes ago, keno190 said:

    @branespload and anyone that's handled the new iteration of the Nomin pack. Would you recommend the old Nomin vs new? Obviously price is an issue, but was definitely wondering if it's worth the upgrade or to try to find a cheaper used Nomin.



    Aside from a couple of basic material similarities it's really an entirely new pack. The newer one is a little rounder—more like a turtle shell than the previous Nomin. Personally I find it slightly less "gimmicky" than the old one, but it's really a matter of personal preference. I recommend handling both before making a decision. There are still old Nomins kicking around at various retailers, and Veilance does free returns, so...

  10. Intersted in selling:

    1x SDR Traveller D3 Duffel (Black) - 575 USD (retails at 745 USD)

    1x Pack System - 75 USD (retails at 95 USD)

    1x Utility Pouch (Black) - 45 USD (retails at 60 USD)

    All in used condition, but working well. I'm just not using them enough to justify keeping them—especially when someone else could be putting them to better use.

    PM me if you have any questions—I'm happy to provide pics.

  11. 8 minutes ago, Dolphinski said:

    Acronym sound is not the same as a forecelock. IIRC acronym sound refers to the zipper garage that lets you have a cable coming out of a zipped pocket without the opening being exposed to the rain.

    In the case of the 3A-1, "Acronym Sound" refers to the system of holes through which you can pass a headphone cable. There's one at the to of the back, and one at the top of each internal hanging pocket.

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