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  1. reminds me of rick owens hiking boot with how the tongue is structured also the colours sucks
  2. that was for the old version I believe. it feels like it packs a bit less imo because of how small the back compartment became. Also I experienced some difficulty pulling zippers around the corners on the new one as well at one point i thought if I pulled any harder I would damage the zipper.
  3. Scroll back a couple pages @branespload went over it but for quick recap the nomin back pack is now a glorified laptop bag. -new straps feels like it has a bit more padding from my experience and it covers the adjustable section now. Personally the new strap is a pain in the ass to adjust. -The front compartment is now the main storage/where you shove all your stuff into in an orderly fashion. It opens up completely rather than opening up sideways. No more "floating" pocket. -back compartment opens up asymmetrically now and has a quick access pocket on the top. Has a laptop sleeve and document holder. It's annoying how if you open the bag from the top you can only access the quick access pocket and not the rest of the compartment, you actually have to completely unzip it to access the rest of the compartment. Another annoying fact is that you can only access it the laptop sleeve on one side hence if you sling the bag from your left shoulder to your chest you can't access it whatsoever. -no more side tab to hold it like a briefcase. -top pull tab feels more solid now -new shape is more rounded and "flatter" Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong this is all based on my experience with the bag for a day and some reviews I've read online.
  4. p26-s J61-gt fit looks very generous was the WS version the same?
  5. Received the same response when I sent my voronoi AR a month ago. Decided to just let it go and use tenacious tape, bad luck I guess for us
  6. it probably didn't held up if he was able to peel it off. In your case why not give barge cement glue a try it holds tighter than super glue.
  7. it won't given that it's a 3L gore windstopper however it will soften up a bit overtime.
  8. from what I remember with ordering directly from RO is expect atleast an extra 30% of the total price you paid for fees and duties.
  9. Also it seems like he's been doing it to other users before Kampongkid Sending off the wrong item and also selling fake sneakers
  10. and this is how you get fired
  11. yeup and just like @TEKsevenZERO has mentioned it has a boost sole unlike the tech runner which does not
  12. Go for the level runners, I love those tech runners but I couldn't wear them for a whole day straight
  13. Put tennis balls or dryer balls when you pop it in the dryer to refluff the filling
  14. does it come with spec sheet and ziplock bag?
  15. I would recommend the Stowe pants from mainline! You don't notice cargo pockets from a visual and physical perspective. The pockets have never felt heavy or imbalance and I've always carried my phone and wallet in them. The pants do require a bit more tapering if you're a fan of heavy tapers but the thigh section had enough space albeit I went a size up and I wear shorts underneath. If you thought the thigh region was decent on the field pants you'll be dissapointed on the apparats.