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  1. yeup but I was a bit late for the size small and was hoping the market price is around retail or so but that might not be the case
  2. ah no LOL I'm actually looking for one as well just wondering how much I should expect paying
  3. Just wondering how much does a J39-S black small go for right now?
  4. they're legit! The colours are good, the cage are only slightly touching each other (even mine does and it's unavoidable) but most of all no false stitching between the toebox material to the material with the zipper (sorry can't remember the name). Also sorry for messaging you really forgot my pair was XS
  5. I mean they could build hype as much as they want but the cuts have been quite the same for the past couple of years just some variations of material and other features. Essentially Veilance hasn't changed much but I can't lie about not being excited for that field pant this coming FW.
  6. Yeup! I don't see why not I worn my pair religiously no matter the season and it hasn't been uncomfortable whatsoever.
  7. WTB: Outlier OG classics Black size 32
  8. After wearing my voronoi ARs for 4 months practically daily and only been washed twice the fabric has finally torn. I have to say these pants can take a beating but I wish the colour wouldn't fade out so quickly. All in all voronoi ARs are worth it imo despite this common issue
  9. I've seen much worse in mainline Arcteryx but nonetheless this is such a small defect that its almost unnoticeable. This is nitpicking at best. The quality control is still going to be the same regardless even if they decide to manufacture in China.
  10. any follow ups?
  11. Sadly for wider legged people the voronoi pant (terratex iteration) looks like regular pants and when I do size up it just distorts the silhouette even more. I had a pair of apparats that I reluctantly gave away to a family member knowing that it's just not comfortable enough to wear it over the voronoi ARs. That being said for the past couple of months I've been experimenting with voronoi ARs and have modded it quite a bit fit wise, some of you might like it but some of you might not. I'm also up for any suggestions on how to succeed on a better fit for it and will post pics here right after I steam it!
  12. Thank you for video and I've always been wondering how much volume can the nomin pack carry?
  13. I believe Veilance card cases aren't out yet
  14. If you wanted to learn then why did you ask for the pattern of the pants and how the articulation works? These are concepts you have to figure out yourself. You came in the forum asking to be spoonfed.
  15. just like last seasons woven pants the pants are meant to fit big