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  1. Toilettebun


    Are there any clear differences between Goretex Infinium Windstopper Vs. Goretex Infinium? From sources and seeing some in person, Goretex Infinium Windstopper seems to be just a rebranding of Goretex Windstopper
  2. Toilettebun

    Fakcronym making tommow comes today

    New fake P24A-DS spotted please beware:
  3. Toilettebun

    arcteryx veilance

    was able to fit a mionn is underneath comfortably
  4. Toilettebun


    Never mentioned that goretex membrane loses waterproofness only mentioned if the membrane starts to delaminate or contaminate from all the body oils and dirt will it start to lose much of its breathability and leaking. I've mentioned that if it's fine if the goretex wet out cause it's still effectively waterproof and it is unavoidable in heavy rain while his jacket is completely wet out due to improper washing procedure, the goretex itself is still waterproof. DWR coating is a first line of defense
  5. Toilettebun


    Why would you not spin lol. Did you let the gtx jacket fully dry in the dryer? And from the look of the pictures your jacket is fine, your jacket's face fabric is still subjected to water after awhile and will inevitably be wet. As long as the water doesn't penetrate through the gtx membrane your jacket hasn't been compromised
  6. Toilettebun


    you'll have to hunt through various marketplaces such as grailed, yjp, rakuten, sufu, and such. No actual sites sell it unless it's a consignment.
  7. Toilettebun


    any chance we could see some p27 fit pics?
  8. Toilettebun


    There's no buckle on the S variant of p23a
  9. Toilettebun

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    WTS: Veilance Field Overshirt Black M, 10/10 BNWT $300 + shipping and feees
  10. Toilettebun


    Doesn't seem like it no web store has shown any indications of selling the p30a-ds or the new collar j1a-gt. 2nd drop maybe?
  11. Toilettebun


    join the club the j40-ch is like an urban myth now, i have never seen one pop up for the past year and every time i think abt one i get a lil pop up in my stotz pants
  12. Toilettebun


    I bought the speedcross 4 wide and angelus paint. After 1 good session of painting it's blacked out and costed me 1/2 the price of the BBS collab
  13. Toilettebun


    that would be a fleece lining similar to polartec microgrid fleece but still surprising the seams are covered rather than taped probably because it's an experimental piece? Then again this whole brand is an experiment
  14. Toilettebun

    Fakcronym making tommow comes today

    There are fakes of p23a-ds now be careful out there
  15. Toilettebun


    Still schoeller except the fabric composition changed drastically I believe - significantly higher cotton content in the composition.