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  1. 4 hours ago, konrvadsk said:

    Pouch question for everyone here.

    What other brands are out there that make decent pouches, specifically ones that would be slim and light for Tec Sys jackets?

    I come from an outdoors background so I know all the good military brands and websites, but none of them make low profile pockets I would want to put on my J1TS-S or a J64TS-S. They all look a bit bulky and lack that certain aesthetic.

    Triple Aught Design OP1 is a great pouch I have on my backpacks, but it's too weighty for J1 front panel.

    The only brands I know of other than Acronym that have that low profile look are; Enfin Leve, Orbit Design (I have a few of their pouches) and AOKU. I'm hoping there's some more out there.

    Any recommendations appreciated

    Bagjack will do custom stuff, so if you want something completely unbranded, you can just shoot them an email. I’ve heard they won’t do x-pac stuff, but their cordura stuff is quite nice, and would work well on a J1TS.

  2. 25 minutes ago, CB200 said:

     I've a feeling that Outlier hit the point where the brand's basic concept worked but the business was heading in a direction that wasn't that interesting to the founders. I'm sure the new product a week, or what ever it is, drops and sourcing new fabrics is way more interesting than figuring out how to sell the same pair of pants made from Scholler dryskin day in and day out. I kind of like the weirdness of their experiments, but like many things, that sentiment likely won't lead to my financial support.

    You’re probably right.

    I’m sad that a lot of my favourite pieces (the runweight and the OG cloth pieces) have been discontinued, with little in the way of exciting things coming out as experiments. So many definitive pieces are gone—the OG Classics, the Climbers, the Dyneema backpacks, the supermarine bomber, all the great merino sweaters...

    It just seems like the current product line lacks focus or direction. I’m not trying to hate though—I hope this fall gives me reason to recant.

  3. What's the overall length of the P30A with the extended cuff added? The measurements on the site seem to only list the outseam for when they're in 3/4 mode. Is "3/4 mode" to be taken literally here?

  4. 18 minutes ago, hooper said:

    all the p30a's for sale in the sales thread was a bit discouraging, seemed like many people we're not liking them, but I got mine in and my initial impressions are very strong. ill perhaps edit this post with a fit pic so I can be the tall guy reference. I think I'm happy with sizing up for length, but even at 6'3ish I would think a medium would still be fine

    So I'm guessing you went with large?

    Kind of funny, but after combing this thread for sizing references, I still don't really know how I should size as a 6'1" skinny dude.

  5. Great stuff Neromancer!

    Regarding the annoyance of undoing three buckles to get to the main compartment: 90% of the time I only do up the centre buckle, and that works fine for me (when you look at pics of how Errolson sets his up, he actually has mods blocking the use of at least one of the three buckles, and it looks like he only ever really uses the centre buckle).

    Also, I'm curious—I've had a hard enough time keeping mods from detaching from the webbing on my 5TS (mostly it's an issue with the MK pockets)—are those loops really reliable for keeping mods attached? Seems like they'd be kind of flimsy...

  6. 68848153_487483675317822_132782786714376

    New inverted x-pac 3A-1 in this instagram pic. Pretty sure it's just the stuff they're currently using, but inside-out. Saw Ian rocking the same material on a 3A-5TS on insta a little while ago...


    Wouldn't be surprised to see these as part of the next big bag drop.

  7. 3A-2 arrived today. Not exactly a new piece, so I doubt I have much to add, but it’s interesting to me that these bags haven’t been updated at all for current technology in the way that the pants often have been. The pocket within the main pocket of the bag isn’t really big enough for most things—pens, maybe, or keys, but it’s a bit too snug for a phone or wallet.

    The strap is also very, very long, but for those lefties out there, the entire bag can be flipped around by taking the strap out and switching it around.

    The black x-pac is nice, though honestly I’m all about the olive—both my 3A-1 and 3A-5TS are olive, and it’s aged really well. But I guess olive doesn’t sell as well as black does?

  8. 7 hours ago, scamster said:

    hey @junkie_dolphin have you any words on the rhomb since have it for over six months?

    It's held up very well. I tend to stuff it in my 3A every morning, regardless of the weather, and it's saved my ass a few times now. No scuffs or other issues so far. Just wish it had a jacket sling! It's also a little short, and no room for layers at my current weight.

  9. 30 minutes ago, darkart said:

    For 3A-2, I compare it(new xpac 2019)  with the og(olive green). Construction is completely the same. nothing changed apart from the type of zipper used at the mesh area, I dont have the L2 version to compare with but should be identical construction as well. 

    We're going to need some pics of that OG 3A-2!

  10. 46 minutes ago, Yardsale said:

    I really love the 3A-5 design but for the amount of travel I do, I'd still rather stick to my 3A-1 (for day to day) and have a tote or duffel on the side. What are you guys using?

    I've got a 3A-1, 3A-5TS, and now a 3A-2 coming. I alternate between the 3A-1 and the 3A-5TS for daily use, and would travel with the 5 were I going on a trip for a week or more.

    Maybe it's not actually practical from a design perspective (meaning I'm sure they've thought of this and it doesn't work) but it would have been really cool to see a 3A-2 with tec-sys compatibility, so that it could be attached to the outside of the 5TS when traveling, and then detached and used as a daypack when you've arrived wherever.

  11. Would be neat to see an entirely new bag honestly. The new 3a-5 is the closest thing we’ve seen to that, and it’s pretty cool. Would also be nice to see a return of the 3a-12ts.

    Apparently there’s that really large xpac duffle they’ve been teasing for a while. I guess that’ll be the 3a-14?

  12. 8 hours ago, dixonschneider said:

    To anyone who got the 3A-WB2 (which i ordered this morning.. :)): 154cm seems kinda long, how do you deal with length? looking at the product pics on mothersite (which are of course highly staged i guess) the thing looks pretty okay, lengthwise, but i can't imagine it looks like this in RL  :ph34r:

    My olive 3A-WB2 isn't nearly that length. Could be a typo. The length of the strap on mine isn't more than 115cm. It's possible they measured the release pull, but even then it's nowhere near 154cm.

  13. I expect there will be another drop later in the season. Though those olive 3As are just sitting there... Guess no one liked the 3A-13TS?

  14. 4 minutes ago, Kamikaze said:

    damn mp1 is sweet but not wanting to spend that much on it right now :wacko:

    What fits in it though? My phone won’t... and no magnet tape. So...?