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  1. ink.RAVEN

    shit you hate

    When you have a good amount of video games, but realistically no time to play them Really goddamn annoying
  2. ink.RAVEN

    What are you craving today?

    Eggs Benidict that isn't microwaved lunch meat over microwaved bread with eggs and some weird Hollidaise sauce Jesus Christ I would've thought the South could get that right at least Paid $12 for disappointment (Hoping to find another place that can actually make it)
  3. ink.RAVEN

    video games ruined my life

    Beat Mankind Divided and got the perfect ending while streaming Beat System Rift and had too many feelings Fuck you Francis Saw some Prey gameplay and considering picking it up because it doesn't seem full of itself like Bioshock can be at times
  4. ink.RAVEN

    video games ruined my life

    Finally getting towards the end of Deus Ex Mankind Divided and I'm reloading constantly to try and get the perfect ending Can't wait to finish so I can finally move onto the 'Holy fuck we brought back Franics' DLC and 'Adam drops the soap' DLC
  5. ink.RAVEN

    video games ruined my life

    Finally getting close to finishing DX:MK. Eager to play the DLC, A Criminal Past looks sharp and seems to have a lot of replay value Andromeda looks bad. Sucks, since it was mostly done by a new studio that had only previously done DLC. EA is really destroying Bioware
  6. ink.RAVEN

    Describe your style

    neo rennaisance reject or butch lady jock
  7. ink.RAVEN

    usa :: boston :: general

    Last time I hung around I was there for PAX East. They added a Uniqlo to the Quincy Market, not bad but not great either There's a great ramen place that just opened up across the street from the Prudential center, pretty legit. I think it's part of a chain from Japan but I could be wrong. Prices are reasonable and service was fast Didn't see much else because I was too busy playing games at the time Mike's Pastry continues to be amazing I'm leaving the east coast for 4+ years, anything I should absolutely see/do/buy before I take my leave? Going down this Friday
  8. ink.RAVEN

    What are you listening at right now

    can I just have this style and moves 24/7
  9. ink.RAVEN

    WAYWT destroyed my life [2017]

    mondetta//rei//h&m//docmartens I don't usually do vests so I'm kinda fudging around, any advice is cool
  10. ink.RAVEN

    WAYWT destroyed my life [2017]

    H&M.Melenzana.Mondetta.DocMartens Hopefully I don't die
  11. stupid question time: Anyone know where to buy a decent pair of black drop-crotch pants for cheapish? Looking to use them for a costume, not interested in dropping more than $30 for a piece that's gonna be used minimally.
  12. ink.RAVEN

    What are you listening at right now

    This album is p good Heavy Metal is my current mood
  13. ink.RAVEN

    video games ruined my life

    I suck so badly at the game but still fun For some reason I always have a steep learning curve with Deus Ex games. By the end I'm a stealth master but it seems to take me the entire game to actually get good at it
  14. ink.RAVEN

    Post Your Creations (pics, artwork, media, design...)

    not as polished as you guys. I tend to write all over my stuff and draw fanart instead of from life. I might get back into life drawing if I ever get the time again, though that seems unlikely since I started collaborating on a fan project. Armor is hard