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  1. https://www.eastdane.com/brands-arcteryx-veilance/br/v=1/23661.htm?all https://www.inner.eu/en/DE/t/designers/arc-teryx-veilance (still from AW16/17)
  2. No I haven't. i have several Veilance Frame Shirt longsleeve and shortsleeve. and T-shirts and Poloshirts from this Company Reda as well. the construction and weave from Reda are so different from my point of view (in a positive way) that I thought it would be good to let you know.. if you are not interested please forget my comment
  3. If you are looking for the best Merino wool products/shirts you should have a look at Rewoolution. http://www.reda1865.com/rewoolution/en/ And don't forget to checkout their shorts and jackets made 100% out of Merino.
  4. I guess if they would use the same thick material for the hood it wouldn't fit properly in the neck compartment so that it would look weird.
  5. i own both. And I like them that I cannot choose to let one go. As you wrote the Field LT is more a Spring/Summer/Autumn and the standard Field 3L is more an Autumn/Winter/Spring jacket. As the collar of the Field LT isn't fully closed I'd tend more to the standard Field 3L if you want/have to choose one jacket only.
  6. Have now the black and the grey field OS. the mid blue wasn't to my liking. Best piece from all S/S17 maybe in the last years. Can wear in winter as mid layer, in spring, autumn and summer as outer layer I like the cobra snaps
  7. Your shoes/slippers don't fit. ;-)
  8. The Norvan jacket is a good choice as well.
  9. I'm using Perwoll sport wash (most probably available in Germany only) from Henkel group. It works for all of my biking clothing and of course the Veilance stuff and any other artificial fiber. So i haven't any smell in any of my clothes.
  10. I'd stick with Grangers.
  11. Just received the new field shirt in black. extremely happy with it. need to find a shop which has the ash version in my size and ship to Germany.
  12. Lessons learned
  13. Just received a Cerium SL jacket from their standard collection. For a very reasonable price I thought I'd like it as layering piece. But I cannot say exactly - dont like the cut, design, fit - dont like the materials especially the mixture of core loft at sleeves and underarms and the outer fabrics - feels and looks like a plastic bottle - Arcteryx logo isn't as stealth as Veilance Once again a reason stick to Veilance and pay the premium.
  14. Seems that the nikwax cotton proof concentrate you are talking about is a so called wash in waterproofing. So means you have to clean your clothes before with a separate cleaning detergent and as a second step using this nikwax stuff to re-apply the water repellancy.
  15. Yes Arris fits the same as Actuator.