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  1. damagedroid

    arcteryx veilance

    Indeed, I use it a lot and found both Partion and Field (including LT) Jacket's hood construction works better for smaller heads. I feel like the fit of Monitor's Storm Hood is like the one from mainline Alpha, which leaves room for wearing helmet underneath. I really like your explanation; I feeI the same but don't know how to express. It's like how they started including the naming scheme like LT, SL, AR, etc., these along with the same (or even more refined) design approaches are so deeply bound in Veilance's DNA and it's contradictory to me that the new identity is trying to burn the bridge. If I borrow your example, Veilance is like Zumthor and Ando in architecture. If one day I saw them start showing drawings in Hadid style – even if the building is built with the same attention to detail – I would start questioning whether they still believe in the same thing. The same feeling applies to Veilance's change (including the FW19 preview that junkie_dolphin mentioned). It is true that I wouldn't really mind as long as the branding doesn't appear on their clothes, but I do have some doubts now about their direction as a whole which used to resonate with me.
  2. damagedroid

    arcteryx veilance

    Right on mate, you summed it all up. Who knows if they will lay their eye on rebranding the mainline as well; is this direction shift ordered from high up, like Amer Sports? Now it all feels like very noisy, like trying very hard to get attention, like someone who doesn't understand Arc at all suddenly jumped onboard, presented this idea of refreshing and here goes the brand reborn.. Kind of sad really if they themselves don't understand who they are. I remember a few visuals from several seasons ago, the identities are so strong that I cannot forget:
  3. damagedroid

    arcteryx veilance

    It might sound a bit annoying but I actually also just got rid of my Monitor.. I owned it for about one month only, love the design and patterning, and the face fabric (rip-stop grid?) is tough enough and stronger than the standard LT ones, but also quite packable. I also think the internal structure of Monitor is one of the most impressive pieces Veilance has ever done. HOWEVER, I simply couldn't fit my head under the storm hood without looking weird (the hood just does't sit nicely, it always leaves awkward empty spaces hanging around my ears, even tighten it up with the drawcords doesn't help much. So after Field and Monitor, I decide to give Patrol a try..
  4. damagedroid

    arcteryx veilance

    Can't agree more with you. I was SHOCKED to see the logo font change. The original is kind of elegant and poetic which translates the design philosophy and the language well (quiet, confident and sturdy). The new one looks just lacks character and feels a bit "wannabe".. I simply couldn't associate the new logo design with the design aesthetics of Veilance garments.. Huge disappointment about this identity change..
  5. damagedroid

    arcteryx veilance

    Yeah man I love the fabric they chose for Field Jacket! I had it for a while but sold it because I also have the LT version, and thought I'd go for a bit of variation and eventually land on Patrol (I remember Field Jacket fabric has a 80D weight and it seems to be 70D for Patrol).
  6. damagedroid

    arcteryx veilance

    I actually didn't know know they had this before for Spring / Summer, thanks because that's good news! Save me some trouble selling the mid layer. That said, I usually prefer heavier face fabric, and S/S Patrol will probably come with a 40D face fabric? Edit: Quickly checked past collections but didn't spot any, did I miss anything? https://veilance.arcteryx.com/collections.aspx?country=gb&language=en
  7. damagedroid

    arcteryx veilance

    So I’m gonna get Patrol Down Coat in black / XS and would like to sell the down mid layer (brand new of course); anyone interested?
  8. damagedroid

    arcteryx veilance

    @scamster Same here man, I just really don’t like any logo on my clothes - I don’t need people to know. Quite often I saw mainline items and thought wow this would make a great mid layer but then always ended up disappointed by the presence of logo.
  9. damagedroid

    arcteryx veilance

    Thanks buddy, I would actually if it wasn't because of the shinning logo.. Also, I would actually go for a lot of mainline 24 series pieces if they didn't put the logo on the garments, but I guess that's their strategy to differentiate the lines.
  10. damagedroid

    arcteryx veilance

    That's great to know mate, thanks a lot! Wish there's a beefed-up version of Mionn (like 120 g Coreloft insulation or so)
  11. damagedroid

    arcteryx veilance

    Has anyone tried to layer Mionn IS underneath the Patrol Down Coat's shell? I'm not a big fan of down and am thinking to get the Patrol, sell the mid layer (the down jacket) and pair the shell with Mionn IS, but wonder if the shell would be too roomy for doing such? P.S. Anyone interested in Monitor Coat (black / XS)? I'm thinking to sell mine (got it a couple of weeks ago and didn't like how it looks on me; only used a few times on my way to office..)