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  1. xzamx

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    WTB SISP David TC lazer engraved bomber (any colorway) size large
  2. xzamx

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    WTS AV align 9/10 - 32 - black - 200$ shipped USA WTS AV voroni BNWT - 32 - black - 200$ shipped USA WTS Arc'teryx Skyline LS - BNWT - M - green and navy - 65$ each shipped USA PM for international shipping
  3. xzamx

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    I do still have them in the same condition. They are I believe the first version (70 cotton/30 nylon). They are not the current MX version. PM if you are interested. I can drop the price to 200$ shipped in US 48.
  4. xzamx

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    Sorry guys
  5. xzamx

    arcteryx veilance

    Could anyone comment on the mionn and quion vests?
  6. xzamx


    @Yoshiii any idea if there will be a mid version of the bamba 3s coming out? Also, if you have any bamba 2 mids in all black size 42 I'd purchase them.
  7. xzamx

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    FS/FT: Veilance Composite Hooded jacket, Black, Medium, 9/10 - $375 shipped to US 48 Veilance Align Pants, Black, 32, 9/10 -$220 shipped to US 48 Veilance Field Pant, Black, 32, 9/10 375$ shipped to US 48.
  8. xzamx

    arcteryx veilance

    Eventually, I think I'm going to grab the mionn is in mortar. Anyone know what pants these are?
  9. xzamx


    Can anyone comment on the sizing with bamba 2 mids? I am normally an 8.5 and I'm wondering if I could size 1/2 size down.
  10. xzamx

    arcteryx veilance

    Keep on the lookout on arc's site next week for the f/w '18 collection.
  11. xzamx

    arcteryx veilance

    Please just don't copy and paste sales from spammers. That ssense link is only for Russians.
  12. xzamx

    arcteryx veilance

    Sale on select items at gilt and endclothing
  13. xzamx

    arcteryx veilance

    I went TTS on the hoodie and couldn't be happier. I'm 5'8 42" suit jacket and went with a medium for reference.
  14. xzamx

    arcteryx veilance

    Anyone here own the Nemis jacket? Seems like a lightweight basic bomber. Nothing really too special.
  15. xzamx

    Arc'teryx Veilance Nomin Pack Backpack

    I know this is a long shot, but do you still have this for sale?