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  1. xzamx

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    There is one duffel bag colorway on the main site.
  2. xzamx

    Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    WTS Mionn IS Large Black 8/10 250$ shipped CONUS - SOLD
  3. xzamx


    Anyone know where I can source these Descente x Suicoke down boots stateside? https://allterrain.descente.com/products_en/DY2OGD30U/
  4. xzamx

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    I think the video itself is done very well, but as far as advertising goes, it's awful. The quad wallet seems too bulky to be practical. I do like the integrated clip though. Anyone know of stockists in Boston? I'm going on a trip next month and really want to check out some FW19 gear.
  5. xzamx

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    @1i1i1ii1 That last picture with the orange reeboks and belt buckle is very nice Dave.
  6. xzamx

    arcteryx veilance

    I found what I was looking for at Totokaelo
  7. xzamx

    arcteryx veilance

    Thanks but €30.99 for shipping to US is a bust for me.
  8. xzamx

    arcteryx veilance

    Anyone got a source for a cevian t-shirt large stone heather and black?
  9. xzamx


    Any chances the 3a-2 restocks? I'm sure it won't, but you guys are the experts =)
  10. xzamx


    Some new SS19 Nemen items @ notre
  11. xzamx

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    @wexler Oh man I didn't see it in that colorway! It's crazy how a garment can look completely different in a different color. The pop out hood actually seems sturdy. Since it's short sleeve, I thought the piece was odd for being a F/W piece, but it's starting to grow on me. I might buy it just to see what the material is like...
  12. xzamx

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    Which vest you talking about wex?
  13. xzamx

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    Honestly this, the boots and the glitch jacket are the only decent items. Only having two pair of pants that are basically the same is pretty disappointing.
  14. xzamx

    Stone Island Shadow Project

    FW19 lookbook https://hypebeast.com/2019/7/stone-island-shadow-project-fall-winter-2019-collection-lookbook
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