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  1. I genuinely don't know if something else is recommend for Acr stuff specifically, but with Goretex shells you can machine wash at about 40c on low intensity and use liquid detergent. Then rinse them afterwards to ensure all soap and anything is off them. You can then tumble dry them (again on pretty low heat) which will reactivate the DWR coating. Pretty much always ALWAYS read the label - especially when you're talking about a $1k+ piece of clothing.
  2. I've only worn mine once, but no way near as comfortable as boost. They're fine, but not great.
  4. It'll be bespoke rather than tailored I imagine so it should be totally fine looks wise and proportional.
  5. Thanks for info. Hadn't even thought of using Mr P as a try-before-you-buy.
  6. Where do you cop your Veilance from fellow Aussie? Always looking for the best place to minimise import tax etc.
  7. Before anyone asks NikeLab Air Sock Racer Ultra Flyknit
  8. Reposting from earlier in thread: Downtown AF1s "Crimson" in US7.5... DS with OG all. Retail + ship from Australia (approx $50USD or so to the USA).
  9. Now THAT is interesting... love the cut of the P23 and DS is perfect for this climate.
  10. No P25
  11. Only one I know for sure was P25s as my mate was after a pair so I was watching them. Went out of stock as I was checking out.
  12. Some stuff restocked on in very small amounts, was gone almost instantly.
  13. Delete girlfriend, P25 up, hit the gym dojo?
  14. Anyone in here get the P25 and have them in hand yet? Very curious to hear some impressions. Super interesting piece but I have no doubt I would be unable to pull it off. My girlfriend would also mock me incessantly.
  15. I'm just glad after following Acronym for years (and lurking here) I'm finally in a position personally to actually be able to afford the pieces.