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  1. Ha! The one that comes with the free gas mask? How could you turn that deal down.
  2. ^ amen, I've been lurking since 2013 and I owe everything I know about acr/techwear to og posters. Thanks guys.
  3. @goodtimeshaxor don't take it too seriously, we were all newbies once. Enjoy your J1TS!
  4. Hopefully the hype will be temporary and we will be treated to all the faddists selling off their acr gear at firesale prices to finance their move into mud wave or whatever the new thing is. (edit: forgot we already did gothic kilt core)
  5. Looking to trade: Large olive S7-C (cuffs have been professionally repaired as they started to fall off) for Large black S10-C in decent condition
  6. Just saw that bagjack is coming out with more mods soon for those who weren't fast on the draw
  7. I'd say they run a half size large. I'm a US 11.5 and the 44 fit perfectly.
  8. Question for those with epic gear: do you use dwr on it? I know epic is designed to work without it, but it could certainly be more waterproof. My only worry is that the dwr might damage the silicon coating and further degrade its natural repellency.
  9. meh, I really miss the nemen collabs. Was considering a tee, but not feeling these. Haven copy seems to indicate that there will be a second drop, anyone know anything about that?
  10. ^ if you're willing to compromise on the color bodega has a RAF 46s xl in stock. also has a black ws in xl.
  11. I was always planning on saving for fw so it works for me, but this season seems like a bit of a miss. I hope we get a few nice surprises tomorrow to fill things out.
  12. I like the idea, but this is a bridge too far into tacticool territory for me. Just imagine walking into an airport wearing this thing with 3 mk-1s across the front....
  13. I talked to a guy at Arcteryx several years ago and he told me that the coating on the interior of the paclite fabric is actually an oleophobic ink that is printed onto the material, which is pretty cool. That said, I totally agree that paclite is a pretty lousy shell material for most practical purposes. My paclite jacket completely delaminated after like 3 years of daily wear.
  14. waywt honeymoon in Paris edition J-27E La5-MP S-10c Apparats SISP combat chelseas (not vis) my wife rolling her eyes
  15. Tek: I think I'm close to my endgame. That's not to say there isn't a whole bunch of stuff I want (and the new drop will surely bring more), but for now my collection is complete. For me, while buying a new piece is obviously fun, the true pleasure of Acronym is wearing it everyday. I still enjoy putting on my j46 as much as the day I got it (if not more) and I look forward to forming the same relationship with my "new" j27. All that being said, I would crawl through molten lava for a large S-10c in black.