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  1. waywt honeymoon in Paris edition J-27E La5-MP S-10c Apparats SISP combat chelseas (not vis) my wife rolling her eyes
  2. Tek: I think I'm close to my endgame. That's not to say there isn't a whole bunch of stuff I want (and the new drop will surely bring more), but for now my collection is complete. For me, while buying a new piece is obviously fun, the true pleasure of Acronym is wearing it everyday. I still enjoy putting on my j46 as much as the day I got it (if not more) and I look forward to forming the same relationship with my "new" j27. All that being said, I would crawl through molten lava for a large S-10c in black.
  3. I've found the LA5-mp to be a nearly perfect cold weather mid layer. I'm not sure what the multiprene is made from, but it's very warm and wind proof. I picked mine up as an afterthought and it's probably become my most worn piece. It interfaces perfectly with my J46 to keep me warm outside and it's just the right weight as a top layer once I get inside. I second Jbob in hoping we see the return of Nemen collabs, but I'm not holding my breath.
  4. Think it's just blind luck. I just ordered two things from Berlin with basic DHL shipping. One processed quickly and got delivered few days ago and one is still sitting somewhere in the logistics center in Frankfurt.
  5. Biggest give aways for me are the zipper pulls as most acr uses either camlock or vislon ykks or raccagni zips that are distinctive and absent on the fakes. The other easy way to tell is that the interior of whatever shell fabric the fakes use looks pretty different from the goretex pro backer - it has a lighter more "plasticy" look and the grid pattern is less prominent compared to the real thing. As always though, the best way to spot fakes is by the deals that are too good to be true.
  6. My favorite of the current crop of grailed insanity is the guy selling the SISPxBagjack bag as a "3a-9000" and asking $5,000.
  7. Wow, that's an interesting looking material. Does anyone recognize it? I'm hoping thes means ACR and Gore are collaborating on new fabrics, that would be awesome.
  8. Yeah fidlocks on the main flap would make way more sense. Gotta admit I'm a sucker for that big cobra buckle on the strap though .
  9. Have you guys seen the new techline messenger from Bagjack? Was waiting on the 3A drop, but I almost think I like this more.
  10. On the topic of travel recs, Does anyone know of any shops in Paris that carry techwear type stuff? I'm already planning on stopping by the Stone Island store, but that's it for my list. The superjetset threads on Paris are surprisingly old/sparse.
  11. Who: Dave Where: Detroit, southwest/Mexicantown to be exact. Work: Former historian / current law student Why: where to begin? Probably began bargain hunting with my dad for rain jackets at REI/EMS as a kid. This developed into an obsession with Arcteryx. In my earlier twenties I dressed a hybrid of hipster and hiker - I was the guy at the noise show wearing an Arc shell and hiking boots. Additionally, I've also always been into anime/sci-fi, I grew up on Gundam, cowboy bebop, GITS/ Iain Banks etc. Basically the first time I saw Acr stuff (probably around 2011/12) I was obsessed. The way I feel about Acr is kinda the same way I felt the first time I saw Star Wars as a kid - like it had been made just for me and I had always loved it, even though I didn't know it yet. Animals: I love both dogs and cats, but my favorite animal is probably the binturong.
  12. Carlooa: This is something I've thought about quite a bit. I rationalize my love of ACR on the basis that capitalism is perfectly fine when it comes to the distribution of fancy goretex jackets - as opposed to say, open-heart surgery. I guess you could say I'm a socialist when it comes to the necessities, but I like getting paid and buying cool shit too.
  13. On the topic of the 3a-1, anyone remember if and when they were restocked around this time last year? Trying to decide if I should keep waiting or grab that TAD bag for an upcoming trip. Certainly not gonna pay grailed prices...
  14. Gotta agree with this. I find the SISP shoes/boots to be far more appealing and they don't come with a hype train.
  15. Would also recommend the Arcteryx conveyor belt. Less wow factor than the Alex belts, but easily available and reasonably priced. I've been wearing one every day for a few years now and it seems pretty much indestructible.