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  1. my photographer friends - is there anybody free this Sunday that would be interested in doing photography for my a friend's graduation party at a restaurant in Sunnyvale? paid gig, message me for info! or if you know him, reach out to Rishabh (it's for his brother!)

  2. new whirr song <3

  3. happy WWI anniversary, y'all. a moment of silence for Franz Ferdinand, the man who inadvertently threw the US into the Roaring 20s.

  4. everyone rate my profile 5 starts righ now

  5. so many people wearing their startup's shirt

  6. everyone rate my profile 5 starts righ now

  7. "OK Google, call me a car!" "Hi Car, nice to meet you! I'm Google Now"

  8. i'm trying to holler @ kale kohai's mom!!!

  9. kid asks if I know where the academy of art is, looks disappointed when I say no, and says 'sry i thought u were an art student..'

  10. farewell sunny d. we hardly knew ye.

  11. ( ´ _ã‚`)

  12. fapping with cocoa butter makes my pp hurt the next day

  13. who has a ps4? someone play some games with me

  14. "t-t-treat me like a pirate, and gimme dat booty"

  15. rich mix its just me n u

  16. can someone pls explain to me the bastardization of american brand products

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