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I told a mod to fuck off

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  1. change deuxs name to lil goose egg bitch

  2. superfuture member whitney will you be my valentine?

  3. Anyone know the name of that vintage cdg/junya/issey online store?

  4. Spooky Black though

  5. â‚â‚(꒪່౪̮꒪່)â¾â¾

  6. so visvim christos, am i just crazy, or do they look cool? i just want to make sure i'm not having sufuvision with these things.

    1. I told a mod to fuck off

      I told a mod to fuck off

      you better be an asian manlet bruh and they will still look like shit, cop

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  7. is google down?

  8. someone play destiny with me

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