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    hi! nice to meet you
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  4. Urban Techwear Community Sales Thread

    FS White Mountaineering BLK AW10 PRIMALOFT DAGGER Vest SOLD. Stone Island Shadow SS12 VARSITY Vest (STRETCH FELPA) $200 shipped to the US. DISAERAN SS12 V-neck Pullover $150 shipped to the US.
  5. arcteryx veilance

    PRIVATESALE - 40% off thecorner Won't get much cheaper for those still hunting for the Nomin Got the pants on sale.
  6. arcteryx veilance

    Overdue but first post here (this place has been a huge discovery/reference for me for a while) Sharing some more Apparat pant pics I was kind of happy when I read they were cropped since I'm pretty short —W30 / 5'6 / 135lbs Still uncertain about its fit though; I was wondering what you guys think... I'm trying to pass these off as regular cut pants. As for its design, I'm personally a fan of the diagonal pleats/seams and panelization that are more pronounced than the Voronois (perhaps not best shown in these pics... or in black...). edit: thanks for the input everyone, looks like I'll be keeping these without cuff snap: with cuff snap: