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  1. Has anyone noticed the price increase season after season. The nomin backpack is now $980CAD vs originally $550CAD. almost doubled in price. It is harder to justify paying that much for similar pieces from past seasons.
  2. Came across some detailed shot of the Haedn Jacket on Instagram. @arcteryxstore
  3. The models look so dead. haha
  4. Exclusive item(s) being dropped on Frenzy App soon. In the picture looks like the wool-faced monitor down jacket that was similarly released for the Soho pop-up store. Whoever missed out on that can have another chance of getting it.
  5. I live in Hong Kong, with a humid climate and I have wore my voronoi shorts for hikes. It holds up quite well. When I travel around SE Asia, I pack my voronoi shorts and they are excellent in terms of their breath-ability and comfort. I have been wearing it since 2014 and so far the voronoi shorts are still in excellent condition.
  6. Similar to the wallets released for the NYC pop-up store?
  7. Little birdie told me to check Veilance website on Aug 1.
  8. Luckily I have both. Both are sized 28 and I placed them on top of each other to show the difference. Width / Length - Cargo LT is wider / longer by 3cm Cargo LT fits much baggier than the Apparat shorts Hope this helps
  9. There is a sale going on at Mr.Porter
  10. Got a reply from Arcteryx, asked them if this aesthetic is suppose to pass QC, they said it shouldn't have. Not just me, even Arcteryx deemed it as unacceptable. As a consumer, I believe it is important to for us to let them know about it. I do agree that I am nitpicking, but its the attention to detail that we all fell in love with Veilance. I am merely just sharing what I have noticed.
  11. From my experience, Arcteryx pride itself with the highest standard of quality and even this aesthetic doesn't meet the standard and get sent to the outlet stores. You often see the smallest aesthetic defect at the outlet store and marked as seconds. If shorts/pants production is being moved to China, I am afraid this will be just the beginning of a downward slope for Veilance.
  12. Have anyone else experiencing poor QC from Veilance lately? The sizing tag on the new SS17 Voronoi shorts was sewn on very sloppy. I have ordered 2 Voronoi shorts from the SS17, below are the side to side comparison. I am just very surprised that the sloppy sewing job gotten passed through QC.
  13. Heres a screen grab from the video.
  14. If anyone is looking for a collection of old Veilance lookbook, I have found some on the internet, but it is in korean.