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  1. Oh, just a word of warning about the nemis. Many users have reported that the elastic collar band can cause pre-mature stretching, the SS2017 has fixed this problem according to previous posts on this thread.
  2. I don't have the arris, but I have other veilance shell, the composite jacket and actuator. The nemis fits a bit smaller and it iss great for wearing around the office with AC. It is nice and light and not very noisy. I am wearing black, as it looks great with jeans.
  3. Saw a post on grailed, the seller is claiming that Veilance has a new pricing policy on the colour black. No discount on black will be offered in the future. Can anyone confirm this?
  4. I guess this is the last chance to get this iteration of nomin before the new one comes out.
  5. Just wondering, I thought they are updating the design of the Nomin. From the Veilance website, I still see the side handle and the inner construction seems to be the same as well. The ash colourway does look nice, hope to check it out in person soon.
  6. Quality no doubt will remain very high even being manufactured in China. I have been a longtime user of their mainline when everything was made in Vancouver and when they switched over to be manufactured abroad I had concern over their quality. Since then, the quality has remained extremely high and if there is a defect, the warranty team is very prompt to resolve it. As for Veilance starting to shift its manufacturing to China, I am afraid there will be an increase of fake Veilance in the market. We will have to be more stringent when buying second hand. At the same time, the quantity of Veilance items will be far greater now, making it easier to find small sizes. I wear XS, most of the times, this is the first size to go and takes a long time for it to re-stock, leading buying most items full retail, which sucks. Large and XLarge seems to linger around during sales. Only time will tell, if this is for better or for worse. Hang-on tight everyone.
  7. Serious? No more size 28? Are they shifting the whole Veilance line to be made in China as well? Very sad hearing about it.
  8. I don't own this bag, but I ordered one when I came across it on When I receive it, I will take more picture of it and post it here. I came across the blacked out logo on, HERE , and was curious about it and i did some searching on google. Below are some links talking about this bag. - Official Annoucement of the bag, ¥30,240, 2/3 of the page down, - Someone did a review to this bag, but his has the white pull tab, - Yahoo Japan Auction, selling at a premium, range from ¥39,000 - 45,000,別注/0/ Pulled a picture of the black logo from one of the yahoo japan auction listing.
  9. Not Veilance, but I came across this Oshman's Black Edition Arro 22. What do you guys think? It was a limited edition of 50, only released in Japan, to celebrate opening of Oshman's store.
  10. @branespload Awesome video. You should do more videos on other Veilance pieces too. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Just picked up the Indisce pants, I am so impressed by the fit and the material.
  12. 2017 S/S - Field Shirt what do you guys think?
  13. Sale up to 50% off at Cruvoir. That being said, the deal still isn't that good. Happy Shopping.
  14. I took some pictures of the Veilance Card Case (including packaging) Enjoy.
  15. delete