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  1. spitfiredealer

    Pure Blue Japan

    PBE-019 about 4 months of wear 3 washes really like these so will stop wearing them for work I think. Already starting to get holes on the thighs
  2. spitfiredealer

    Pure Blue Japan

    @mpukas thanks man. The taper is strong that's for sure. The size 32's I have are just a bit tight in the knee. These 33's feel much more comfortable. Little bit of room in the waist but I wear belt most of the time anyway so isn't really a problem.
  3. spitfiredealer

    Pure Blue Japan

    Picked these PBE-019 from the classifieds on the IH forum. Size 33, 1 size up from the PBJ XX-019-BB I have. Looking forward to giving these a few months of hard wear at work
  4. spitfiredealer

    Iron Heart Jeans

    Fresh from another wash. IHSH-71
  5. spitfiredealer

    Pure Blue Japan

    XX-019-BB I wore these very sparingly for over a year. Decided they needed a wash so wore them for a month at work and god dam did they fade quick.
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