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  1. no ty lol pretty sure if its non selvedge, theres too much uncertainty of it being lower quality. i know selvedge isnt an indicator of quality but it seems its better than non selvedge in general

  2. lol thought he got banned, maybe that was from hypebeast

    youve got to be a dumbass if you take advice from someone named horribleadvice LOL

    Don't hem it. Stack > Cuff.

    yup, i wouldnt touch a thing . . . be aware that the waist in those is supposed to stretch like crazy

    stack + cuff is best to me :D except like hawkway said, they will stretch and probably end up siting a bit lower so a little hem might be nice so that there arent too many stacks when it 'sags' a bit later on

  3. leftfield indigo tailored selvedge duck chinos



    rogue territory indigo selvedge canvas


    pretty sure both fabrics are the same, fit is more tapered on the RT which i like but i like the chino back pockets on the LF. why cant i have boths details? :(

    also, whats the weight of this fabric? want a nice medium 12-16oz pair

  4. seems like gun is back in action. from the looks of his site it looks like that time away was him setting up a brick and mortar shop (Y). hope he doesnt up the price because of that

  5. Reds a bad colour for fading anyways. It looks bad to the eyes since its so obvious. The dirty fade should look nice but then again it'll just look like a prewashed pair. Then again I personally hate the colour red lol

    I'd wouldn't mind purple cores as they'd feel more subtle. If I wanted ones that were more obvious then green would look nice. Which is how I'd want the Frankenstein's to be, to fit its name

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342