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  1. Leather patches on jeans

    Thanks a lot for the advice because I wouldn't want to ruin the patch. They're due next week but I won't be washing them for a while.
  2. Leather patches on jeans

    Gorgeous patch - ostrich leather - amazing My pair due in the post have a navy alligator patch so I agree totally - SO SO GOOD Do exotic leathers need treating to keep them looking that great?
  3. What Are You Wearing Today (Denim Version)

    Diesel Livier dark wash super skinny jeans TM Lewin Melanie blue/white stripe shirt Glenmuir Dark Navy Elgin jumper
  4. How many pairs of jeans do you own?

    Updated since recent shopping trip: 1.Timothy Everest BluexBlack Japanese 14oz - 31.08.2011 2.Timothy Everest BluexBlack Japanese 14oz - 28.12.2011 3.Cheap Monday Skinny Black jeans - 22.01.2012 4.Diesel Livier Dark wash 0060H - 26.02.2012 - returned for credit 28.02.2012 because too big! 5.Diesel Livier Bleach wash 0660I - 26.02.2012- returned for credit 06.03.2012 because too lightweight Pre-ordered Timothy Everest for January 2013
  5. Recent Purchases. . .

    My purchases in 2012 so far: Cheap Monday black skinny jeans 7 TMLewin blue and white stripe shirts Next week hoping for 2 pairs of Diesel jeans Then saving my money for my winter wardrobe: Heavyweight jeans 3 more shirts Jumpers (navy blue) I follow the catwalk collections but my own taste is pretty classic.
  6. What does your wardrobe look like?

    Your wardrobe / collection is a dream!! Colors identical to my wardrobe which I will post next week when my computer is fixed. Basically consists of : Black biker style cashmere lined trench coat for winter Black leather biker that I live in 2 Dark Navy v neck sweaters 13 shirts: 6 lightweight summer white fine Swiss cotton 7 powder blue and white stripe for winter (all double cuff for my Charles Tyrwhitt sterling silver billion ingot cufflinks) Currently 3 jeans but hopefully 2 more next week All in shades of blue or BluexBlack So a similar look to yours but not as stylishly presented. because my cats can't have access!!! I like your wardrobe the best on this thread!
  7. Leather patches on jeans

    My Cheap Mondays just have a regular black logo patch which doesn't even show up in a picture - I tried. My first Timothy Everest had a horrible Japanese geisha flower patch My new Diesels that I'm hoping for - don't know yet Timothy Everest pair due and all future pairs to have custom leather patches and top fly buttons Can't wait for the new pair on their way from Japan!!! Will post pics when they arrive!
  8. How many pairs of jeans do you own?

    Currently: 1.Timothy Everest Japanese BluexBlack 14oz (bought 31.08.2011) 2.Timothy Everest Japanese BluexBlack 14oz (ordered 28.12.2011 for 2012 - due in 2 weeks) 3.Cheap Monday black skinny jeans (bought 22.1.2012 in sale for £3.97 but not good so goodbye at the end of the year!) 4. Going shopping with boyfriend on Sunday He likes me in Diesel so hopefully a new pair or even 2 if I'm lucky!! 5. Pre-ordered Timothy Everest for 2.1.2013 as next years jeans (Will order a pair a year as perfect fit but very expensive) Not planning anything else this year. Busy arranging custom patch and button for next years Timothy Everest - so comfy I could sleep in them!
  9. Recent Purchases. . .

    Monday morning - added another TMLewin shirt to my order so now I will have 10 shirts and not need to iron every day!!!
  10. Inexpensive, form fitting dress shirts???

    Girls have the same problem! I just ordered 3 TM Lewin shirts but my other 6 were custom which becomes Very Very expensive. I buy 3 each summer and 3 each winter So the winter 3 will be the custom ones this year!
  11. Recent Purchases. . .

    Ordered on Internet on Sunday so not yet despatched: 3 TM Lewin powder blue tailored fitted striped shirts 18ct white gold earrings
  12. What is the most expensive "mistake" in your wardrobe?

    A made to measure leather coat. Gorgeous quality, Japanese calf lined with cashmere but so tight I can hardly breath in it! Hope I don't gain weight for 10 years at least!!!
  13. What Are You Wearing Today (Denim Version)

    No pics as I was wearing my lovely new black skinny Chesp Monday to go to the doctors but am now wearing 3 shirts to keep my chest warm (laryngitis) and pj bottoms and am I bed. Pics when I am up and about again!!!
  14. How many pairs of jeans do you own?

    Couldn't wait 6-8 weeks on one pair so yesterday went to TKMAXX sake and bought black skinny Cheap Monday reduced from £50 to £3.97 As I broke my New Years Resolution may now last on these 3 pairs until January 2014!!! Washed first pair - color hard to fade but coming on nicely!
  15. How many pairs of jeans do you own?

    2 pairs: Both Timothy Everest MIJ 14oz Selvedge BluexBlack. 1st pair - present from 79 year old aunt on 31.08.2011 ......... Just starting to fade 2nd pair - ordered 28.12.2011 - ready mid Feb With customised patch and button Xmas present from ex boyfriend All other jeans sold as they couldnt compete 3rd pair due to be ordered: 2nd January 2013