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  1. how about being in a company you loved and respected. Then as time went by it went downhill and is now a joke.

    I get a promotion to a position i don't want and being promised that i will get my chance to do what i want when the time comes. its been almost 3 years since that promise!

    being so close yet so far.. .. ( insert thread title )

    you got played brah

    going to get a job at L&L Hawaiian BBQ. BAWLLIN

  2. I slept at 12 last night, the earliest I have slept in sooo long. As a result of my decent 6 hours, I didn't sleep in any of my classes. I thought that my lack of energy was the result of my depression. Turns out, I don't have anything to look forward to.


  3. ^like what? You say African American? Bitch please, being pc is the dumbest concept I've heard in a while. Call me European American then. Nah b, I'm white, others are black, others yellow and others brown. Their just adjectives, I don't know how bullshit got negative connotations out of nowhere...

    ^I hate political correctness.

    Also, those motherfuckers with shit ass headphones who blast their trash music so all within earshot can start trying to tear their ears off, completely discarding the whole idea of headphones to begin with.

    Turn your shit down god damn.

    nah du

    I still say black, white, brown w/e ish. I hate the term "African-American" there are hella just Africans here.

    I'm not like naturally racist so I don't feel the need to try and not offend people by calling them w/e shit is politically correct.

    I've never met a black guy that got offended if I called them black instead of African American

    oh yeah, fuck those headphone blaster people. I know you can't even hear your own shit properly. I KNOW IT

  4. I still feel the obligation to be politically correct when I talk about shit. I'm not like one of those minorities that plays the race card on every turn and is just fucking overly sensitive, but don't you at least avoid using certain shit that could fucks with someones comfort?

    always on a no-offense concept

  5. i hate the hiccups (i think it's finally gone)

    i hate when guests park in the driveway

    I hate when I'm eating like fried rice or some greasy Chinese food and I get this. These aren't even normal hiccups. They are like hiccups on steroids. Once I hiccuped so hard from this that I bit my own tongue and started bleeding

    fuck my awkwardass

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