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  1. looking at this thread made me sign in and also want to wear my tenders! I've been wearing my simon james cathcart jeans--london based guy using sugar cane denim--so much that I've been neglecting my 130s! such great pants with so much life left in them. The detail levels on both of your brands are pretty similar, too. Different specifics here and there, but greats pants spearheaded and/or created by a single person. very cool!

  2. my 700 has an 11 inch front rise and a 15 inch back. The 660s have a 10 inch front and 14.5 back. Size 29 on the 700 and 27 on the 660 (crazy BiG sizing on that version). They aren't low rise, but they aren't costume-y cowboy lumberjack style imo. not a bad thing necessarily, just saying

  3. I feel like the rise on my 700 is pretty minimal. They are not a clownish repro, but that being said, They don't really strike my nerve for "waist overalls". Just seeing the pocket in relation to the waistband makes it seem like a 20s cut. Exposed back rivets should be hammered or filed down just for practicality's sake. 

  4. They are both in "loved" condition

    Alden is 9.5 whites 9

    325 shipped for both

    I'm open to offers on either and on the package deal.

    Alden Indys run about 500 new right now and that price is going to keep going up.

    Feel free to contact me and thanks for looking!



  5. I'm in a situation like that... Need to put some shoes up for sale

    325 shipped For both

    9.5 in the Alden and 9 in the whites

    If you are interested in one and not the other let me know!

    Also open to--reasonable--offers. I have a new pair of laces for the Alden's which will be put on at the request of the buyer

    Thanks y'all!


  6. I make paintings on occasion.


    There's a story behind the painting, but it doesn't type well. The jacket is actually one that Freewheelers makes in repro. I inherited


     the--original, an early seventies East West Musical Instruments jacket made by them in San Francisco at the time--jacket along with the story. While the painting is it's own entity, the story is in influence
















  7. Cursory Info: If you're actually working in your work boots, lone wolf doesn't seem to have the height that I would want. I have a pair of semi dress that I use for "work" and they're too short. Sparks, sawdust, and just general stuff can weasel into the shoe--not good (and neither are cuffed pants, but I like them too much to change that). The build quality/materials coming out of lonewolf, mccoy and the like seem to be top notch, but sort of a pain to fix. How many cobblers would take the time to put 18 nails into a half sole? I guess it's just comes down to what you do. If you're a weekend warrior, you probably won't have to worry about any of those shoes taking a beating.

  8. I just got a pair of Round House black duck overalls. As a details guy, it kills me that they only have bar tacks instead of rivets, but I would rather buy US made instead of supporting the Carhartt "American" workwear norm made in Mexico(?). Other than that, they're pretty great. Bib seems functional, smart choices like lined back pockets, but I do wish that it had another hammer loop/ thigh pocket, but I'm just being picky. For >$50 shipped, I'd say that they're a pretty good buy.

  9. Here's a really funny picture of me.


    I'm a student at the Tyler School of Art at Temple in Philadelphia and they decided to give me the only full page spread, next to the mission statement.


    It was taken sometime during the cooler months. I've got more beard/longer hair.


    They're "jean style," 5 pocket, rivets and the like.


    Jcrew cardigan, aa tee, crazy pants and a pair of whites. Neg if you want, but it'll be funny to me regardless



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