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  1. These are slightly used Common Projects Achilles Low in Charcoal, size 45 (12). 

    Worn no more than 5 times, with slight creasing and one tiny toe scruff that is barely noticeable.
    It does NOT come with the box, it was only used to get better pictures. However, it DOES come with the dust bag :)
    230$ w/o shipping
    I only accept Paypal. No other modes of payments please.







  2. Didn't get enough protein post workout

    You probably did. You would be surprised how little you need post workout.

    And to add to the thread, my hi-fi portable setup skips for half a second every 20 or so minutes and it annoys the living shit out of me.

    Also, fuck breaking in leather boots.

  3. tumblr_md71zrJocW1r5x493o1_500.jpg

    Received it from Valdizno!


    Dark Knight poster

    Dry Dirt textured coaster (awesooome)

    Macadamia nut chocolate (very good)

    Kit kats

    Very nice notepad


    Tanning sunglasses. Mmmmmm

    Military hat

    Knuckle mug (might knockout a bitch or two with this haha. Love it)

    Ramen noodles with a weird oil paste. Actually very good!

    Thanks a bunch!

  4. I've been hanging out with one of my younger sister's friends (uh oh). She's vegan and is all 'bout that life. I am not. She brought me lunch (too soon, bro) and it was straight nasty. I've had plenty of vegan food before but this shit was next-level gross. Being the chump I am, I ate it while smiling and telling her it was delicious. As soon as she left I went out and ate some delicious dead animals.

    I h8 vegans but there are way too many of them that are attractive in the bay.

    Vegetarians are fine and typically don't mind if you're not. Vegans tho, are usually next level and fucking annoying. I know this from dating or going on a date with either, multiple times. I seemed to be all up in that shit without trying.

    I was also vegetarian for a long time, vegan for a year or so.

    Who knows, you might have found one of the few that are tolerant and not completely pompous about their lifestyle.

  5. Every girl I've dated over the last year or so has been an art school girl. It's not something that I'm particularly into, but I guess I run in that circle and those girls tend to be into 'fashionable' dudes with a ton of tattoos.

    I really wish I could just meet more girls. I feel like if I had 15 or 20 girls in my rolodex it would be easier.

    Art girls are fucking weird. They also get wet from seeing a tattoo and a v-neck. The reason you loose interest is probably due to them loosing it just as much.

    Date a model. Or fuck flight attendants. Djrajio standards. Actually, try to get on a date with a model, post about it on the internet, then never report back because you failed. Yeah... That's Djrajio standard.

  6. I'm 20, but I've been living alone and dating in college since I was 15-16. And I just hit a point where I look at the girls I'm dating and I can't remember why I wanted to spend time with them in the first place. Either the little things start to bother me to an unbearable degree or even worse, I guess.

    The real question is, what type of bitches do you end up dating and where do you meet them initially?

    Perfection exists my friend, but it's all relative to your own definition of it.

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