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  1. On 1/3/2024 at 6:51 PM, Yamato2800 said:

    I recently purchased the J117 on boxing day sale and I love it! The HL fabric is so soft and warm yet breathable. I love the mesh cuffs although I worry about the durability of the fabric. It is the same mesh used for some of the P30 / J56 internal pockets. The Zipper is super chunky and adds a nice weight to the piece. Because of the size of the zipper it does bunch up and make you look pregnant but slightly unzipping the bottom zipper fixes this. The back zip sling gives the hoodie a lot of structure and makes the J117 feel more substantial while wearing it.

    Over all, this shit goated.

    Tend to agree. Where did you cop? I unzip the bottom as well, makes the fit look way better. Also worried about the cuffs and babying them...

    Overall, it's oversized in a good way. 

  2. 5 hours ago, shinshoryuken said:

    How come the J105-DS is not getting a wider release? Seem like the usual retailers didn't get them or they sold out immediately.

    wondering the same thing, especially for the all black....haven: sold out quickly, ssense: sold so quick i didn't even see it online??....nomad didn't get it...just a bit odd

  3. Odyn Vovk Leather Ninja Jacket  $600 >> $480
    - size medium, but this fits like a small
    - description from Blackbird:
    Washed goatskin hooded jacket/hoodie with cotton/lycra through the body and sleeves. The sleeves fit very long and narrow and bunch beautifully along the forearm and wrist. With wear this leather is going to gain texture and character -- it is meant to be worn hard!
    - originally retailed for around $1750, I purchased for around $1100,
    - I would say this jacket has been worn around 30 times, hence the price. There is some slight wear, but the leather is in remarkably good shape

    - length is 23½".

    Pics from blackbird: http://helloblackbird.blogspot.ca/2009/01/odyn-vovk-now-available-on-webstore.html



    Measurements and my own pictures to come depending on interest. I'm not enthused about selling this piece, but I don't wear it a lot and I'm saving for another leather.

    If you live in Toronto, I can cut you a deal for local meetup PM me. Reasonable offers are welcome!

  4. ajchen, debating the double black slim tapered, but my only concern is the back pocket size. I loved the cut on my previous 3sixteens (circa 2010) but hated the big back pockets.

    Could you give me measurements? How do they compare to APC or Dior? Thanks.

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