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  1. On 5/11/2021 at 9:27 AM, goodrain said:

    Why was it necessary to get both? I guess the fact that you can wear them and still sell them for more than retail was part of it?

    I'm afraid my rationalization is entirely idiosyncratic and won't make sense to anyone else :D

    To put it simply, the Submariner is my favorite watch, and I've always wanted both a date and non date iteration. I do intend to keep both and have no interest in selling!

  2. 10 hours ago, persco_ said:

    Lovely. I've been searching for a 39mm OP black stick for a couple of months, but the Rolex market is so screwy right now. I've decided to wait for the madness to calm down (if it ever does). I got a PAM 915 instead. But I do love that OP black dial. So simple and beautiful.

    I feel you, the 39's were such a sweet spot for most, it's a shame they got rid of it (even if the new 41's fit fairly similarly). Good stuff with the PAM though!


    10 hours ago, Broark said:

    Really like the look of the OP aho, I’ve been enjoying my Sub quite a lot and wearing it daily. 
    I don’t know if I’ll ever dip my toes into Rolex again though, at least not in the current market. It’s bonkers. I would like to get a rhodium dial/white gold jubilee bracelet DateJust one day. I’ve been looking at Grand Seiko a lot lately too.

    Good thing is you don't really need anything else with that Sub as a daily :D

    I wish I had the wrists for GS, but ultimately I had to move on since the sizing just didn't work out for me. At this point I'm looking at the 34-38mm max range and there aren't too many GS options within that. Owned the SBGR053 which was a black sunray 37mm, but was a bit too thick and no screw down crown so I passed it on 

  3. 1 hour ago, goodrain said:

    @aho nice pickup! Still feel like 36mm is the best size for this watch but the double batons are such an eyesore compared to this one.

    Agree, I'd recommend the 36 for most as the new 34 really does wear smaller than even the photo shows (but something I 100% was going for). That said, I personally prefer the single sticks as well! 

  4. OG = colloquial term for "original gangster" (or "old guard" in my book) referring to the original "SEIKO" dial!

    Recent pick up; new 34mm Oyster Perpetual:A4D0DECF-C4CF-43E3-AE76-C45B2E3A0842-11568-000005A0C7153850.thumb.JPG.4d89ff85f0d67eb0de0e9ab40d1523c3.JPG


    These were actually slimmed down in 2020 from the last gen which was closer to a 35mm. These are decidedly smaller at near 31mm but I wanted to go all in on a smaller size this time around. Couldn't be happier. Of note, the new 34s feature a Syloxi (silicon) hairspring which is a first for steel models (was only used in Pearlmaster and Yachtmaster models prior) and are non-magnetic among other properties. 

  5. Definitely incredibly risky and it doesn't seem he or his partner are the most professionally trained, etc. to be doing things like this! Honestly got a bit of an adrenaline rush watching, but hopefully they keep it safe moving forward. I'd love to hear some of your stories some day @Sansome1877, I'm sure you've seen some sketchy things as well!

    I didn't realize there are actually a few videos out there, here's another with Levi's, Stronghold, etc. found in case anyone hasn't seen it (my first time watching). Funny that it seems all of them know of Brit:


  6. 5 hours ago, Mifune said:

    Over a decade ago Ooe made me five fully bespoke pair of jeans, (essentially 02s with a 14” front rise.) They are the very best jeans in my closet, along with other bespoke jeans, and I thank Ryo and Hiro to this day for solving a big problem for me. But things at Ooe have changed in the meantime, no more website, no custom jeans and I have lost track of them. My jeans were made from the #12 and #41 denim from back then. How does the denim they use now compare? The cut of the jeans I see in the most recent pictures seems different. Have they changed their patterns from the 01, 02, 03? And finally, how do we buy Ooe jeans anymore? It was so simple back in the day! Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

    Those were the days! I still kick myself for never getting a pair in #36 which had such a nice light blue hue to it, almost like a mix between WH 15th Anniversary and 1000XX. And also #43. I still have an envelope of basically all the available fabric swatches that they'd used to send collecting dust in my closet...All that said, I would say that they've maintained that same spirit of handmade personality and the cuts remain relatively unchanged. The 03 is hardest to come by, but in general I would say their standard OAXX denim and it's time machine variants etc. are a step above the available fabrics from back in the day that feel just as in step with the options in the past. It is essentially a distillation of all the qualities they were trying to achieve in those previous fabrics but now down to a science (check out some faded examples on their Instagram). 


    As far as how to buy, you have to go through retailers. Depending on what country you live, Standard & Strange is the main outlet for US based consumers. You also have the option of contacting some of their Japanese distributors like Barnstormer (www.barnstormer.jp) who they work with fairly frequently. All in all, I would say you'll still be impressed by the end product despite not having a hand in the exact designs, but what you do end up purchasing is a direct distillation of what Ooe themselves would want to make. My favorite jeans ever if you couldn't tell!

  7. D084B1EF-3672-463A-A38D-A1E89DD5B97D.thumb.JPG.773272f0fc406b8e7a4de22ed99c11e2.JPG

    Fun kickstarter type brand out of Kyoto called KUOE. Inspired by vintage British watches, these are mostly 35mm with 100m WR and screw down crown (Seiko auto movement). Hoping they get popular and start getting wild with local artisans (Kyoto ceramic dials would be insane)

  8. 7 hours ago, Broark said:

    Which US Alden retailers are putting out the most interesting makeups these days?
    Started following a few JP Alden dealers and it’s drawn my interest back into the brand.

    Yes! Alden of Madison has the most makeups that speak to me these days if I had to choose one. For more old school aesthetic, The Stronghold still pumps out good looks. Brogue has a couple interesting ones as well. But if you REALLY want some varied/unexpected makeups that are typically from Japanese runs, definitely stalk The Shoe Mart's Factory Seconds page (for which you have to e-mail and request to be added to). Dangerous for me as I always end up wanting to buy something when they release the next batch (every couple months or so).

    Brick and Mortar is good too, but I blame them for the "Color 8 + Antique Edge + Commando soles" look that's seen on every single makeup you see these days whereas I prefer some variety (nothing wrong with cork soles, double leather, mahogany edges,  etc.) :blink:

  9. 3 hours ago, JDelage said:

    Omega FTW

    As much as I love Rolex (and Seiko), if I tried Omega much earlier I would've saved much time and effort over the past few years...:tongue:

    That said, my Sub Date is still my favorite of my watches, but my PO will be taking daily duty moving forward!

  10. Last pickup for a while, possibly all 2021 :D Really happy with the 39.5mm sizing, I have no idea why this isn't more popular. Only thing I'd change is more quick adjusts on the sliding clasp


  11. 1 hour ago, unders said:

    I know it’s not most sufu’ers preference (I count myself amongst that too) but the heavily washed jeans and jacket look really impressive. Super realistic washes. 

    For sure, not poorly done, only issue is having to pay a premium for the wash (in excess of $500 usd)

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