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  1. ^ I picked up Edena last week and am reading through it as well. Great stuff.
  2. ordo

    Urban Techwear

    I am happy to update the initial post if you guys want to send me links. Great to see it still going.
  3. ordo

    wrestling is so cool

    This was one case where even though I knew he was coming, still marked out.
  4. ordo

    transaction problems and disputes

    Remember this thread is for transaction problems on Superfuture - not Grailed. If the member in question scammed you on Grailed and also has an account on Superfuture then by all means post but otherwise keep it to Superfuture members only.
  5. ordo

    delete account?

    You can't. The account was deleted.
  6. oh wait no I meant that sschad is mass
  7. Not to blow anyone's mind but jmatsu is sschaud.
  8. ordo

    Superfuture Running Club

    BTW, I have still been out there on the trails. If anyone cares to see what I have been up to they can check out my Instagram - https://instagram.com/teh_ordo/
  9. ordo

    Superfuture Running Club

    Has anyone been following the Hardrock100 coverage? I have been obsessively following it since yesterday morning. Amazing race this year. Kilian killed it and now holds the course record going in both directions. He cut close to an hour off the previous course record - and that included getting lost in whiteout conditions at one point. The women's battle between Anna Frost and Darcy Piceu was even more exciting. Anna took a lead into the 82 mile mark when the 3 time champion overtook her. Anna seemed done but her team spent 20 minutes at the station getting her going again. Anna left 30-40 minutes behind only to catch and pass the champ and take first place. One of our local racers, Adam Campbell, ran the first half in front with Kilian but ended up losing him in the whiteout and ultimately finished in third place. It was definitely a race worthy of the Hardrock legend.
  10. Pricing in the art world has made it increasingly difficult to afford our favourite artists. List artists whose work you would like to own but do not. - Anselm Kiefer - Joseph Beuys - Robert Rauschenberg - Tom Sachs - Banksy
  11. ordo

    best sufu disses, comebacks & zingers

    i was there. laughing on the background. as always.
  12. ordo

    GYAKUSOU : undercover lab + nike

    Don't see it there. Are you sure you saw Fall 2014? Link?
  13. Kate Bush concert was worth the decades of waiting.

    1. conqueror


      running up that hill?

    2. ordo


      With no problem

  14. ordo

    Rep points

    The question was directed towards the fellow whose rep is coming out red.
  15. ordo

    Rep points

    Does it also hurt when you pee?