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  1. I bought this pair of jeans from Chanterman, but they were brand new with tags when I got them. I tried them on a few times, but eventually felt that they were too big.

    These are the one wash model, tag size 33x34. The measurements on selfedge and BiG seem to be accurate, but I can remeasure them if you'd like. I also don't have pictures at the moment, but can also provide them if needed.

    I'm like to recoup what I paid for them, so I'm looking for $150 shipped in North America.

  2. Much like younggluc, I'm hoping to purchase these for a new project, but I'm also unsure about the sizing.

    I have a pair of NS (tag size 30) which have stretched out to 35" in the waist. The waist fits perfect but the thigh is somewhat snug and I look rather silly in a tapered jean. Conversly, I have a pair of Rescues (tag size 31) which stretched to 36" in the waist, and literally fall off if I don't have a belt cinched really tight.

    That being said, my waist measures around 34" where I normally wear my jeans, and my thighs are around 23" at their thickest. Would a 33" be a good fit?

  3. Any tips on how to size the Rescue version? The Vancouver, Canada Urbanoutfitters hasn't gotten them in stock yet, so I might end up ordering from context.

    I actually own a pair of 31" Rescues, which have stretched to the point of being too loose to wear. They measure about 36" in the waist. Should I go for a 32" (actually 33" waist) and or attempt the 30" version and hope they stretch.

  4. I know Good Society denim has a Slim cut which, according to the context website, is very similar to the APC NS. The measurements themselves seem to be more similar to the NC though.

    Also, I'm sure they fade differently, but since both APC and Good Society are extremly plain, it'd seem to me like I had two pairs of the same jean.

  5. Originally Posted by doctorworm viewpost.gif

    i have an interesting project to share with you sufu. for the month of july i will be working a job as a construction worker (yes, a skinny sufu kid like me a construction worker). so for the duration of my job i will be wearing a pair of raw levis 501 stfs.

    I'm about to do a similar project myself. I\ve been wearing my 31" APC Rescues to work for 2 months, and now that I have my 30" APC NS, I'm going to give them a few months, and see which turn out better.

    The Rescues stretched out far too much (around 36", i'm roughly a 33/34"), which is why I got smaller NS's. The Rescues have descent fades, but nothing too high in contast, and really weak honeycombs. In comparison, my NS already have more honeycomb fades after 3 days of framing a garage.

  6. I've been working in my Rescues for the past month, doing construction work. They're fine for carpentry and manual labour, but I usually avoid wearing them when I know i'll be using drywall mudd / tile grote and mortar, since I dont' want to stain them with anything.

    So far they've held up well, but I havn't washed them. However, I spent the last 3 days wearing knee pads and sweating my ass off, so I'm expecting some weird creases around the knees.

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