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  1. Small update on my 37s.

    Finally got them back into rotation after procrastinating on a crotch repair. They also sewed one of my belt loops back on, as well as sew up the front pocket seam.

    Not much difference, probably 6 months of wear, 6 soaks and a machine wash.


    37's, Jan9, 2011 by Reggie Died, on Flickr


    37's, Jan9, 2011 (2) by Reggie Died, on Flickr

    My zippo is destroying the coin pocket.


    37's, Jan9, 2011 (3) by Reggie Died, on Flickr

  2. Anyone know if/when BiG will re-up on xx-009?

    I emailed them a few months ago and they said they were getting in another shipment of PBJ, and I noticed they got more stock of the xx-007 but not the xx-009.

  3. Peter, thanks for the response....though now I'm concerned about the thigh.

    I went back and re-read the whole thread, and noticed Lando has a pair of 105's tagged 36" waist. Couple questions for ya, if you'd be so kind...;)

    Your jeans went from 38" pre-soak to 36" post soak, correect? Have they stretched out any? Also, you said the thigh measured 11.5 post soak? SE's measurements say 13pre, with ~.8 shrinkage.

    Edit: Another question. Why exactly does this denim shrink more than others? Or does it?

  4. Anyone have Front and Back Rise measurements for the 105's? I'm tempted to get them as my 2011 denim.

    I'm horrible at sizing, so could use some help. My waist is a little more than 35, so debating between 34's or 36's.

    My WH660's stretched to a 36, but my LVC 55's (much baggier jean), only stretched to 35. Both of them were tagged 32. I'm assuming the difference has to do with where I wear my jeans (fairly low) relative to the different rises of those jeans? Again, I'm horrible at sizing.

  5. Can anyone wearing a xx-005 or xx-007 cut speak to how they compare to a pair of Warehouse 660's? That's the only pair of denim I have with a proper fit.

    I've measured my 660's (hot soaked initially, but pretty stretched at this point) and compared them to the xx-007 one wash measurements at the BIG website, but my lack of denim knowledge is getting me confused.

    One wash measurements are ~roughly what the same tagged raw jeans will shrink to after a hot soak/wash, and then they will stretch back out to the raw size (mainly the waist), correct?

    My 660's (tagged 32) measure vs xx-007 (34OW) vs xx-007 (33OW)

    waist = 36 - 35 - 34

    front rise = 11.25 - 9.75 - 9.5

    back rise = 16 - 14 - 13.75

    thigh = 12 - 12.75 - 12.5

    knee = 9 - 8.75 - 8.5

    hem = 8.25 - 8.75 - 8.5

    The biggest difference is obviously the front and back rise. Are these numbers drastically different, how does it affect the rest of the measurements (ie waist and thigh) and should I be looking at a different cut.

    Sorry for another fit question. I have read the majority of this thread, and have seen a bunch of comparisons to skulls and sammy's, but nothing compared to WH.

  6. Great to see both wash regiments in contrast to each other...My way looser fitting 37's have not been washed yet either but due to the fit I have no combs or whiskers ;)

    Same boat; I don't think I'll ever get combs from mine.

    Washed them a week ago, but no wears since. I think it'll take a few months of wear before those spots of PL on my right leg wear off.



  7. everyone else, dont worry about his pair, theyre just dirty, if they got washed they wouldnt look that far ahead, so everyone stay in it!

    Exactly. I might actually wash (or most likely soak) these this weekend to better show off the lack of evo.

    On that note, are there any good tricks to shooting jeans? I just got a new camera (Panny LX3), so want to start using it. I notice alot of shots in the evo thread taken with jeans on grass or concrete. Is this for better contrast between jeans and background? I'm in the process of putting in a patio at the side of my parents house (while wearing in my LVC's no less), so maybe I should take a few shots of the jeans on that.

  8. What the hell have you been doing in those things, digging wells? They look great!

    About 2 weeks worth of baseboards, a week of laminate flooring and one shed. The first two months they saw limited wear because I sized them wrong (a bit too baggy, i'll post fit pics sometime), so they were hanging on my wall till I decided to bite the bullet and use them as work pants.

    The irony is that I DID have to dig a huge retaining wall, but whenever I have to do anything extremely dirty or outside in the rain, I go to my truck and change into my Carthartt's. Yes, I get teased by co-workers.:cool:

    These 37's, much like my 55's, are very slow to fade. Most of the creases on my pair are exagerate from the dirt/sand/drywall dust still lingering on them.

  9. 3 hot soaks on Dec 1, 09.

    Never got into the fit (probably sizing error on my part), so these have been relegated to work pants that only come out when I'm doing something on the clean side / it's not raining. Bout 3-4 weeks of wear.

    Not much going on except at the knees (a few miles of baseboard will do that), but as someone else mentioned, these have an interesting sheen to them. Light weight so awesome for work.



    Riped off one of the belt loops when my keys caught on something. Any tips on how to repair it?

    Edit: sorry, i fail at posting/uploading pictures.

  10. So I`m not 100% satisfied about the fit of my 37`s, and was going to relegate them to work jeans.

    I remember awhile back alot of people were getting upset about this ``gang`` that was purposefully destroying their jeans (sliding down rock piles, spray painting, ect ect), and i don`t wanna get that hate. I`m assuming it`s okay to wear them at workÉ

  11. Pretty stoked.

    Quick question; if I need to get my jeans hemmed, how long of a soak or how many soaks should I do to get maximum shrinkage out of the inseam?

    Also, does anyone use oil on their leather patches? If so, what kind?

  12. All I can really do in terms of updates is post pictures in a sufu thread. If someone wants to take the time to take the pics from this thread and set up a mega blog, that would be awesome.

    Also, Joe or someone could make the thread kinda like the "gallery" thread, where the first post links to other posts in the thread.

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