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  1. The problem with your process is it really take 4 to 5 wet to dry cycles how ever you do them to get most of the shrinkage out of the way and 10 or so time to get it 99% of the way done. After the fades are fully set a year or maybe a bit more into it I will wash them in a washer no detergent and air dry.

    I hot soaked my 55's overnight, hung dry, then hemmed them and wore them for the past 5-6 months. Does that mean I should probably not wash them or do another long hot soak because they'll shrink too much?

  2. Damn, I wish I held out for the 55's.....

    I'll probably soak my 37's when the contest starts, and if I'm not completely sold I'll stuff them in a closet for the next year and pick up some 55's and be a month behind everyone else.

  3. Dec is cool, gives me time to focus on my Warehouses.

    Has there been any mention of how these jeans will be judged? This is my first "jeans contest", so I'm unfamiliar with the process, but I was reading the Warehouse Contest page and there was mention of shipping the jeans to BiG. Is that the idea for this one, or will pictures suffice?

  4. They measure about 17-17.5 across, so around 34/35 inches. They are tagged 33.

    I thought I could do better with sizing seeing as this is my 3rd pair of LVC, but the other two (47's tagged 34 and 55's tagged 32) are apparently both major anomalies when it comes to sizing, so damn my luck. I figured that since the 47's are undersized and the 55's oversized, 33 would hit the spot.

    Also, it's stamped 1170 on the top button if that means anything.

    Now I wish the contest would start even sooner, so I can hot soak these overnight and figure out if they'll fit or not.

  5. Just got my 37's, and much like everyone else, they showed up less than 48 hours after ordering them. To Canada...that's awsome.

    For the record, my 37's also came with the 501 book and bag.

    Edit: Holy shit these are huge. What kind of shrinkage can I expect from these?

    Also, the Cultizm website says these are 12oz, but the little book says 10oz (12oz after wash). What exactly does that mean?

  6. Somewhere in this thread, Paul T (maybe others too) mentioned that downsizing the '55 looks great. It's too bad "55" is too short of a keyword to search this thread.

    Does Cultizm still carry them? Couldn't find em on their website.

  7. I need a pair of LVC for the Cultizm contest, and was thinking of 37's. How are the sizing of these?

    I have a pair of '55's, tagged 32, which are a *bit* roomy. I also have a pair of '47s, tagged 34, which a *bit* slim. Any suggestions on sizing?

    I'm also open to suggestsions for a different cut. I want a pair that has two back pockets and button fly, and prefer the color of the 55's to the 47's.

  8. I finally got to check out Blue in Green in person, and in the process got a pair of Dubbleworks. Must say the denim, as well as the store, is pretty sick. Although it was the only store I went to on my entire trip that didn't have AC.....

  9. Reggie Died: You said you were in Canada and bought your jeans from Cultizm. Did you get hit with any duties/customs charges?

    Nope. I actually missed the FedEx guy on the tuesday, but called to see if I could pick them up at the sorting facility. I also asked what I would owe (taxes/brokerage fee) and the lady said that the package was only marked as $25, so i owed nothing.

  10. Thanks Paul T. I'm more concerned about the inseam shrinking, and the cuff line being noticable when I eventually do get them hemmed.

    For instance, my year old 47's have a few tears on the backside of the cuff line from being repeatedly stepped on. When I wash them, I'm thinking that those big tears might be higher than where I want them hemmed, and so those marks will be visible right above the heel of my shoe.

    I'm not too concerned though, I'm just going to hot soak these 55's one more time than start wearing them in.

  11. Just got a pair of 55's from Cultzim (excellent shipping...ordered sunday night/monday morning, arrived at my canadian doorstep on tuesday afternoon). Does anyone have the pre-soak measurements of their inseams?

    The pair is marked 32x34, and after an 1+hour hot hot soak in the tub, the inseam measures roughly 31.5 inches. Being an inpatient idiot, I didn't measure before soaking, and have no means of comparison. How much more shrinkage can I expect? I don't plan on washing them for a while, and i'm trying to debate between cuffing until they've been washed a few times, or getting them hemmed right away.

  12. I have a pair of 47's approaching the 1 year mark, and wanted to start working on another pair of jeans. I'm looking for something a bit roomier in the thigh...my 47's are 34", and while they are perfect in the waist and knee, I'm wanting a bit more room in the thigh for my next pair.

    Can someone recommend a year to me? I'm not a huge fan of the cinch, but was eyeing a pair of 33's. Would sizing down to a 33" waist be a good plan?

  13. copped some 1947 501's yesterday, tried them on today, and well, im kinda disappointed. I wanted a tighter fit, I shoulda sized down 2 but I didnt want to strangle my waist =/. They just feel too loose.



    Outa curiosity, what size are your 1947's, and what size do you normally wear in a standard pair of 501's found at department stores?

    I wear a 32x32 in normal 501's, and looking at picking up a pair of LVC 47's. Any recommendations on sizing? I was under the impression that the LVC 47's are a lot slimmer, especially in the thighs. Should I go up to a 34? I have big thighs (for reference, 31" APC Rescues are baggy, whereas 33" Nudie BO's are way too tight in the thigh).

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