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  1. **Momotaro 0701, Size 34** $215 $200 $175USD Shipped in Canada, $185 Shipped to US
    Two hot soaks and hung to dry.  Still too big.  Tried on twice (after both soaks).  



    $295USD from Blueowl, looking for $215 $200 shipped in North America.  Comes with pocket flasher and tag.


    Thigh (Blueowl)=11"3/4
     **Paul Rose Slim 14.5oz Slub Indigo, Size 33** $115 SOLD
  2. Looking to buy a pair of jeans for the up coming year, but can't decided between Iron Heart 634S-19L, or Flathead 3009.


    My current pairs in rotation are Momo 0701 (tag 33) and SDA 103 (tag 33).  I rock some Paul Rose Heritage for work (tag 32).  Semi retired are a pair of Warehouse 660's (tag 32), LVC 55's (tag 32) and PBJ XX-009 (tag 33).


    Any suggestions on a) which pair and B) which tag size per pair.  I was thinking the 19oz IH would be a bit different, and they can be had pretty cheap while they last. 

  3. My experience with 0201s is that they don't stretch much more after they've been stretched to fit post-soak.. that is, they don't become loose after that and therefore need a wash to tighten back up.  They're the most consistently well-fitting jeans I have, so as long as you can live with the one-wash measurements you should be fine.  They'll give a little at the waist if needed.. I find the seat keeps its shape well; most other brands I own end up quite baggy there after a day's wear.


    It's a really nice slim cut, not overly tight through thighs and knee like my PBJs, not flappy at the hem like my Sugarcane 47s or Flat Head 3005s.  My only criticism would be that the denim tends to wear through more quickly at the crotch than on any other brand I've worn in recent years, but that could be due to infrequent washing on that particular pair.  I remember the denim staying crisp far longer than is usual for me.  I have another pair lined up, so I might see if they benefit from more washing/soaking.


    Thanks for the feedback Mondo.  I ended up snagging two pairs of Momo's recently; 202 in 33 (BO's sale!) and 701 in 34.  


    The 202's are a perfect fit right out of the bag.  They are sanforized, and I've read that they only have residual shrinkage and should stretch back.  I need to get them hemmed, so debating on soaking them now or just hemming long and cuffing (last time I did that I was lazy and didn't clean out the cuffs enough; hate those cut marks on the seam).


    The 701's are comfortably snug in the thigh (would be fine as is, but I think losing some size in a soak wouldn't be the end of the world), but the waist is huge.  Is a hot soak likely to bring them down to BiG's OW size of 33.75?  I think the lower rise (the back rise in particular) is what's throwing me off.

  4. Hate to be that guy asking for sizing advice, but just looking to confirm my fears; 


    I'm eyeing a pair of 0201's, probably size 31.  I'm looking for a similar cut to my SDA-103's (size 33), but with a *bit* more taper.  Comparing both the Raw and One Wash measurements from BIG (for both the 103's, and 0201's), the measurements seem to line up in my favor.  201's have the same front rise and thigh's, but smaller knee (-.25") and hem (-.25") then their SDA counterpart.  Unfortunately, the waist also seems to be 1/2" smaller.


    Just measured the waist of my SDA's, and they've stretched to 32" (from their one wash measurement of 31").  The 201's one wash waist measurement show 30.5.  I've been reading a few conflicting reports that a) Momotaro's are difficult to stretch and B) the waist will stretch out where it needs to. 


    I've never had an issue getting the waist where it needs to be, assuming the rise/thighs/knee measurements are all good.  Any opinions?

  5. Thanks guys. I managed to get them down to 34" inseam after 2 soaks / hang dries, and will see what one hot soak more does. After that I'll just get them hemmed with an extra 3/4-1" cuff, although I never machine dry my jeans (which is maybe where the extra 1" is coming from).

  6. Either way I'll put a shirt on when I post post-soak pictures.

    Anyways, post soak I'm really happy with the fit. Left them in the tub for the afternoon than air dried overnight. Should I give them a second soak before I get them hemmed? I've usually sent them out after the initial soak, but with my last pair (LVC) I really wish I had gotten more shrinkage out of the way. For what it's worth, I always air dry after soaks/washes, don't currently have a working dryer.

  7. Thanks shinobi and brown metallic, I'll soak them tonight. Thighs seemed a bit loose, but I don't think I could pull off the 106. Going off the BiG's one wash measurements, they should fall pretty much right where I want them @ the thigh and knee.

    Out of curiosity, why'd my post get neg-rep? Not that I care, I'm just curious and would like to avoid any other taboo's in the future.

  8. Need help choosing my next pair of denim; SDA 103 or Eternal 811?

    BiG's measurements seem to show them being somewhat similar fits, (33" SDA vs 33-34" Eternal), with the 811's having a higher back rise and smaller knee.

    I'm pretty open to other suggestions, though I'd like to keep it specific to anything Tate and Yoko have in stock (no duties, easier returns).

  9. ZhqkJ.jpg?1

    Belt, tether and dog collar. All natural leather, all bought Jan 2011.

    The dog kicked my ass in the evo process, but I guess swiming in salt water every day would give him an unfair advantage.

    Also, anyone have a belt color suggestion to go with a set of Amber Iron Rangers? I'm thinking Cognac might be more versatile than Mahogany, but it's hard to tell from pics.

  10. I had a 1 year Natural evo contest with my dog, and I think he kicked my ass.

    All three products purchased Jan 14th, 2011. Dog collar got a few coats of Obenaufs throughout the year; belt got nothing. I *just* put a first coat of Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP on the lanyard to see how much it changed colours...think I should do the belt?


    P1020013 by Reggie Died, on Flickr

  11. I have no problem with you guys posting pictures of my jeans regardless of the outcome of the contest. However, I think it'd be better if I submitted new pictures for the website (not the contest). The ones I took were pretty rudimentary due to illness.

  12. Why are people so oblivious to measuring tape and sizing charts?

    I accept that.

    For the record, I've done all the measuring and everything, but different rises always throw me off, and I've never worn anything over 14oz so didn't know how that would affect the fit.

    Regardless I ordered them, so disregard my previous post.

  13. Anyone happen to have both a pair of IH OD BB and Warehouse 660's or PBJ xx009? I'm horrible at sizing and would hate to drop $400+ for a wrong sized pair.

    My 660's are size 32 so thinking a pair of 34 BB would do the trick. The PBJ's are 33 and a little loose, but it's a much more relaxed fit so I dunno. Sorry for the ignorant question.

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