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  1. The OD BB's won't shrink much, correct? I'm looking to get them chain stitched from Self-Edge, and was wondering if I should leave a bit of room just in case, or measure a few of my jeans with the same size rise and go off that.

  2. Thanks for the info. I also just noticed they are made with 2% spandex so I'm thinking that the "no 3 STR" stands for stretch and not straight? As I said, they were an impulse buy @ Winners (Canadian version of, say, Century 21), for $40 bucks, so at the very least they will wet my appetite for new denim until self edge re-ups on the pair of Iron Hearts I've been eyeing.

    I'm going through the honeymoon phase of my PBJ-009's, and I always like having a fresh pair of jeans that are super dark so I can wear them semi-formally.

  3. So just for clarification, what are the main differences between international and mij? I'm assuming different (re: somewhat inferior) denim? Or is made in Japan and international two different beasts altogether?

  4. Sorry for the clueless post, but I know nothing about Evisu and the search function doesn't seem to be working properly.

    Found a pair of Evisu, Gull's are dark blue and patch reads No3STR, lot 2008. Any info on these would be great. Selvedge line is white and red.

  5. Would Obenauf's heady duty LP be overkill for my natural Tanner Goods belt? I also have some random leather conditioner and Danier Leather Care Lotion (no idea what's in it).

    Also, for anyone who's seen both leather's in person, which would better match a pair of amber Iron Rangers, Havana, Cognac or Mahogany?

  6. I don't think these will get much more wear during the contest, as they are fairly beat up and too thin for winter work wear. Be that as it may, I hope to give them another wash and some better pictures as the contest winds down.


    P1000941 by Reggie Died, on Flickr


    P1000938 by Reggie Died, on Flickr

    In all honesty, I was never a huge fan of these jeans. The fit was never right, and so were relegated to work duty since the contest started. Loose jeans + lots of washes = uninteresting jeans, IMHO, but to each their own.

    And I'm not knocking LVC at all. Conversley, my all time favorite pair of jeans are my 55's. I've had them going on 3 years and they are still my go-to pair.


    P1000929 by Reggie Died, on Flickr

    The fit is just-right (borderline perfect post-soak/wash, but tend to stretch out a *bit* too much), the denim is the perfect thickness and the dye is unbelievable. I wish I went with a second pair of 55's for the contest, but it's almost 2 years too late now...

  7. Sorry for the lack of update guys. My jeans are starting to fall apart, and in too many places to warrant having the crotch or pocket mended. I've also got some grease/oil stains on the front leg and had a pen break in the back pocket.

    All in all these have been great summer work jeans because of the light weight, but I'm pretty sure they won't get worn for the rest of the contest, outside very small interior jobs when my Carthartt's are in the wash.

    My semi-retired 37's.


    P1000905 by Reggie Died, on Flickr


    P1000909 by Reggie Died, on Flickr

    PS my photos never come out as nice as everyone elses. I'll try and get better pictures after I wash them this week.

  8. How does that happen? I've never had a pocket rip. Jeans are looking good though!

    It's a combination of always putting my hands in my pockets (the cloth pocket sack detaches from all my jeans eventually) and from always clipping my tape measure on them. Also shoving knives and other sharp objects when I don't want to wear my tool belt.

  9. Is there a way to tell if a pair of PBJ's are Raw or One Wash from the tag? I ordered a Raw pair of 009's, size 33. They just came in, and the waist measures 16.25 across. I'm thinking maybe I got a pair of OW.

    That being said, assuming they are OW, will there still be any shrinkage? They fit perfectly as is, but need to be hemmed, so was thinking of saoking them beforehand?

  10. Not much new going on with my 37's. Just washed them so the lady who does my crotch repair doesn't get mad at dirty denim. Hopefully my work schedule moves away from activities that involve mortar, grout and PL, so I can't start wearing these more.


    P1000767 by Reggie Died, on Flickr


    P1000768 by Reggie Died, on Flickr

    PS those must have been shot at a weird angle because they look huge. They are only tagged 33, but still too big to be worn anywhere but work.

  11. Stupid question; I'm doing some leg work, trying to figure out how 009s might fit after shrinkage. If I take the raw measurements of the 007 and subtract the measurements of the one wash 007s, would I be able to use that with the 009s? Since it's the same denim? Same shrinking properties?

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