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  1. those pics are so trippy, so the tree uprooted itself on to your car which looks to be the only one in the parking lot.

    Actually those pictures are about 2 hours after the tree fell. The lot was full with cars, and the tree hit 4 cars, 2 really bad ones including mine.The 2 girls who got hit in the other car were backing up when the tree hit them.

  2. I personally don't like cell phone fades because they look kinda odd. Plus, my cell phone is kinda big and my front pockets are quite tight so...I generally miss calls trying to pry my phone out of my pocket.

  3. My cousin at school came up to me yesterday and told me he saw me on superfuture. It was an amazing moment since I had no idea he was on here. Then we spent our lunch time talking about denim. ahaha. Glorious.

  4. Woo for nerdy asian crowd! Except....our nerdy asain crowd is not typical. Instead of studying for an AP Calculus test, talking about World of Warcraft, or playing tetris on our TI-84s, we would be discussing about our clothes, how many honeycombs we gained today, and taking group waywt photos. woo!

  5. i'm turning 17 this summer and i think i've pretty much missed out on the whole "high school experience". i've got one more year left though, and it'll probably be the same

    i've never been to a real party

    i've never smoked weed

    i've never gotten drunk with friends

    i've never been in a serious relationship

    i haven't gotten "some" or "any" action at all

    i've never cut class and done something fun with a friend

    strange thing is, i'm not a wierdo or a loser or anything. ive got a lot of friends at school.. people see me as a generally friendly person.. i have decent looks.. i can have a normal conversation..etc

    my little paradox.

    Don't worry sunny, I'm on the same boat with you on some of those....except I'm a senior. I really don't think I'll regret not doing some of those stuff later on. I mean, theres always college. Just let things happen as they happen, and don't try to force it upon yourself to feel like you need to do those things in HS.

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