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  1. When I was in London, there was this one homeless guy. He was chilling on a bench, and squirrels were all around him, and he fed them. My sister approached the man, and asked what the name of the squirrel the guy was feeding. The guy said "Nancy." My sister then asked whats the name of another squirrel. "Nancy" the guy replied. "They're all Nancy!"

    Squirrels make men crazy.

  2. Hmmm I think its safe to say I'm the only one in my city with a pair of japanese repros. So not mainstream.

    edit: Crap, I forgot I have a friend who has repros in the same city I live in. Damn mainstream!!!!

  3. 2-3 cans a day is borderline death. You're not supposed to drink a whole lot in one day. It even says so on the can!

    But anyways, energy drinks work for some, like myself. During finals week, I would pull all-nighters having one a day and sleeping for like 2-3 hours. By the end of the week, I would be a walking zombie, but i was up. And did fairly well on all my finals. But I sure did sleep about 17 hours straight when everything was over....

    Woooooo totally unhealthy!!!!!

  4. Ah sorry, I kinda read it wrong. When you soak new standards, they will only shrink to their original size from when they were new. Sometimes they won't shrink back much at all. They definitetly won't shrink any smaller than the original size.

    If they are at 34in. right now, you can go ahead and get them hemmed because they wont shrink any smaller than that in a soak. Or if you want to be safe, soak them, then get them hemmed.

  5. hhahah yeah you sure? i mean from what i read around here that soft jeans dont fade that great cause the creases are not that defined..(sharp) ...

    Defined creases have more of a focused white on the crease, where as soft jeans have more of a subtle fade throughout the crease. Kinda depends on what you want. But if you like stiff jeans, you can always starch em.

  6. don't you think the same thing would have happened with a 28? the waists seem to stretch to whatever your actual waist is. i don't see how they can stretch bigger than what your waist already is.. there is nothing there to stretch it farther.

    As dammalex said, it'll stretch more than your actual waist. My original waist is 31, and my 30s are now a 34.

    I just want to shrink the length, will it stretch back out to a 34? Or will it stay shrunk? Cold water or hot water best? I want minimal indigo loss. So should i just soak the hem so it shrinks to a 32 or should i soak the whole jean? Since i read the new standards shrink when washed, i don't want to get it hemmed to a 32 then when im ready to wash it's going to shrink to a 30.

    Just soak the entire thing. It'll stretch back.

  7. i dunno if all-over green stitching would look good... maybe just in some places, like around the back pockets?

    and have we came up with a back pocket stitch idea?

    and i could hold off on buying jeans till about august but i feel my SJs are gonna fall apart by then and i'm gonna need a new pair, whens a timeframe this procedure could be wrapped up by and have some end-goods being shipped

    I agree with this. Too much green would kill it. I'm for either around the back pockets or maybe back pocket stitch themselves being green.

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