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  1. Everything in white. And when I mean everything, I mean EVERYTHING. Not only does it look really fresh and clean, It's less of a distraction for when you want to study. And if you have alot of shoes, I suggest cubbies. That would be ill.

    For lighting, I've always been fond of track lights. Something around these lines (no pun intended): 25058_PE035117_S4.jpg

  2. Myspace is so annoying. It's a poor man's html page. Whatever happened to the days when the only people who had pages actually coded it themselves. Unlike myspace, where you just go and get codes online, and advertise to the whole world you know nothing about html.

  3. Hey guys, I'm going to be flying to bangkok sat. and needed some quick info on the best area to stay in the city. Any recomendations on hotels? Cost dosen't matter when it comes to hotels. Someone close to everything (mostly shopping). I'm only going to be there for a few days before shipping out to Manila, so I want to take advantage of the little time there.

    Also, what are some good stores in Bangkok/Manila. Any cool places to see/shop? I've already got APC and Viktor jeans on my check list in Manila.

    Thanks for the help!

  4. um. so you know how i was gonna buy that army bag for $20.


    eh...just bought this from stussy direct. $82..plus shipping.

    i'm a fucking idiot.

    ps. has anyone ordered from stussy direct? are they fast? i still haven't gotten my email.

    The one in the picture looks like the Brief Backpack. I don't see it on stussy direct. You sure you got the right one?

  5. for asians, normal western shampoo don't do the trick. if you try a japanese shampoo like asience, you will never go back. go to the japanese supermarket and they will usually have shampoo, conditioner and treatment (japanese use this occasionally to treat the scalp and hair--comes in a jar) on sale. it's expensive compared to western stuff, but it lasts a long time and it's great.

    in the summertime, i like to use japanese menthol shampoo. forgot the name, maybe someone over there can tell us. it comes in a blue bottle and it makes you feel very cool.....

    however, if you can only get western brands, redken is probably the best (but most expensive) western shampoo i've used.

    but now, i shave off my hair so just a little bit of my wife's shampoo for me...

    Thx for the tip! I've been trying some different salon products in the past, but they arent the best for my hair. Now I just need to looks for somewhere that has it.

    Also, I can't believe how some of you don't wash your hair for weeks! I usually wash my hair everyday, or every other day. Mostly because I put so much hair products in my hair. (Molding clay, hairspray, pomade). Oh, and my hair is dyed too, so I gotta tend to that.

  6. North County is much more car-oriented than downtown itself. You pretty much have to drive anywhere. Very suburbian type living in North County.

    Hillcrest is a nice neighborhood. A nice medium between the city and quiet life. Its only a close hop, skip, and a jump to downtown!

    Downtown has alot of nice high-rise condos. The OMNI condos are really nice. (I think it's called The Metropolitan now).Shopping is really great too. Lots of small boutiques, and then theres always the mall.

    But like everyones said before, San Diego as a whole really is a car-city. I really couldnt imagine living here without one.

    Oh, btw. The "Sunshine state" is Florida. California is "The Golden State" :)

  7. Up for sale are a pair of Asics Onitsuka Tiger Track AAAs in size 9 US. These are EXTREMELY rare, and I've only seen one store that has them. I bought these for $140 US, and have only been worn about 3 times. I'm willing to sell it for $110 US +shipping. Offers accepted, but no low-balling please.

    (Mods, I didn't join just to sell, so please dont close this even though I don't have alot of posts! Thanks.)

    Actual Picture:


  8. Go to a stylist. A good one, not some supercuts shit. They'll give you advice on whats good on you. Even if you spend ~$60, at least you'll actually find out what style works for you.

  9. Sanuk. PERIOD. They are seriously THE most comfortable sandals I've ever owned.

    They're based in San Diego, and their main clientle is surfers. Even if you don't surf, these are something to pick up. For ~$50, its worth a shot.

    (I sound like a telemarketer.)

  10. Quote:

    '85 corolla gts and the thing's older than me. had to get it before my liscence icon_smile_big.gif. and a schwinn world sport bike hand-me-down.

    --- Original message by panikEpenguin on Jun 4, 2006 07:27 PM


    Anyways, I've got an 01' V6 Galant, and a 90' Mazda Miata. However, I'm thinking of selling both in the near future to get a 3rd gen Rx-7, or a newer miata.




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