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  1. Well, if it runs out while I'm sitting on the toilet, i'll go run and get some, because theres always spares in my house. But actually, I usually check if theres toilet paper before getting started

  2. nice set up guys. i like the jeans on the wall too. in fact, had my SExIHs been too small, I was really considering mounting them under glass. i mean hell $400, only 23 made. i think it could qualify as art, so to speak.

    Frame em after you wear em out. That way, you art will be partly contributed by you.

  3. ^ Yes, the lens is 50mm, but the camera is still called a 35mm. What arem meant by 35mm is not the focal length of the lens, but the size of the film. Canon AE-1s are still one of the best SLRs to learn off of. I know most photography classes still recommend AE-1s to start off with.

  4. Nice material, hardware, dye, weight, cut, weaving process, durability are all the things I look for when I think of "quality" denim. It's also something you can just feel when you put them on. You just know it's not your typical $20 jeans.

    Plus....the cost brainwashes you to think you have quality denim. But hey, I paid mass bills for my flat heads, so they must be good!

  5. jeepster- from my experience, the FH hugs your hips and thighs alot. But if you are going to be sizing down one, you might be in for some trouble. My advice is, if you really want FH is to loose some extra weight to get yourself to a 34.

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