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  1. Does anyone else notice that dogs like to sniff your jeans if you haven't washed them in a while? Whenever I go to my friend's houses, their dogs always come and sniff my legs, while my friend says "Wow! He likes you!" but in my mind, I know my jeans smell.

    Ahaha...I know this is a stupid post.

  2. the color on these is EXCELLENT. what did you do in them?

    Nothing special. Just everyday activities like walking, sitting, sitting while driving.

    But to add to the current conversation, I'm for quality jeans all the way. Fading is just a little bonus. My APCs have faded tremendously fast, while my Flatheads look almost untouched. But...I like the way my flathead's quality and fit more.

  3. I would totally have gone for these if I didnt just blow all my money on an lcd monitor. Free bump! Don't let these jeans pass you people. Flathead puts out some amazing jeans.

    P.S. Thanks abstract for taking a picture of the coin pocket selvage. It made me wonder if my 4001BKs had that too (they do!). I am so repping you. It just made flathead like 5x cooler.

  4. You can get Nudies in unsteady and steady in downtown. No APCs in San Diego, but you can get them at Carve in Costa Mesa, or just go to the APC store in L.A.

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