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  1. Westbrook

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    FS some ACR jacket from 2014-ish? No idea the model, looks like an ancestor of the GT line, maybe a long lost cousin of the J47? Who knows. Plenty of patina on it, especially in the high wear areas like the zipper pulls, but no blemishes, rips, or stains. Velcro on the wrists works great, and is actually super easy to use when you're gloved up in the cold. Size L, $700 shipped in CONUS. Rug not included.
  2. Westbrook

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    I will kill a man for a J89 in S, and I’d maim one for an M.
  3. Westbrook

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB J89-AD in S or maybe M.
  4. Westbrook


    Thanks but I'm after an S or an M.
  5. Westbrook


    Is there any expectation that the J89-AD will end up on any of the stockist sites anytime soon?
  6. Westbrook


    Shit I missed the 89-AD. That was crazy fast. How much was it?
  7. Westbrook


    For the past couple of years I've been layering a Bosun Fleece from Mission Workshop under my shells. It's a fairly narrowly cut piece so it fits really well without bunching up anywhere, and it has a detachable hood. Really dense and comfortable fabric, and looks quite sharp on its own IMO.
  8. Westbrook


    Thanks for the info. I still pop in once in a while. Still rocking my antique acr gear along with some newer jawns. The shit is so well made I’ve hardly needed to replace any of it.
  9. Westbrook


    I’ve been out of the ACR loop for quite a while. How often/when do new pieces from a collection typically drop? Is there any warning or do they just appear on the site one day. Specifically interest in the J89-AD.
  10. Westbrook


    This looks sick. I have the LA6B-AD and really love the fabric. Hope we don't have to wait too long on this one.
  11. Westbrook

    The ACRONYM Community Sales Thread

    WTB LA6B-AD in M. Hit me up.
  12. Westbrook


    Anyone seen the new ACR pre-order stuff at the glade? I like the trench and the expandable shell, but damn, this 9-month preorder shit is getting out of hand. Prices keep going up, too...
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