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  1. There used to be a reallly good viet place right next to Burger King in the "bootleg shopping mall"... alllllll the way in the back, dirty hole in the wall kinda place... seating for about 8-10 ppl only

    the haitian guys that sell shit on canal would go there and order in french...

    but she closed shop and moved to NJ or so i've heard... if only i knew where exactly...

  2. tried searching the thread but the search function is still garbage, any recommendations for a haircut place in nyc?

    Hair Mates, Sei Tomoko, Hair Kuwayama, Salon Shizen ?

  3. This place is owned by the Chinese. I find their broth to be salty and not clear.

    edit: Have you tried Nam Son at 245 Grand? I like it a bit better than Pho Grand. There's also another place, Pho Bang on Mott street which is decent.

    Fujian to be exact... the peoples that are behind pretty much every freaking fake chinese fastfood / buffet in the US (entire east coast for sure)

    i used to eat at pho bang on mott st. years back when it was at its best.

    i had pho there a few months ago, and it just isn't as good anymore. i'd go as far to say that it doesn't deserve its good reviews.

    the rest of my family was even more harsh. they say it downright sucks now. you'd be better off eating at nam son or pho grand.

    off-side: my dad was the neighbor of the owner of pho bang back in vietnam.

    Yeah... Pho Bang not as good anymore... not sure if the chef left or something...

    Nam Son on Grand and Thai Son on Baxter seems to be the same owner... but the cooks @ nam son > thai son...

    the pho place on hester btwn chrystie and bowery pretty good too

  4. Bouchard Chevalier-Montrachet - my favorite chard... but cant afford to drink it on the regular...

    Grgich Hills, Cakebread, Hanzell are my usual go to chards

    got a '86 d'qyuem and a '99 Bouchard P&f La Romanée waiting to be opened...

  5. Can't wait to try this in a couple days, that and the cilantro salad thing.

    i find the style of noodles a bit too chewy... i think it would be better with the Cantonese flat rice noodles... but then it wudnt be xi'an food...

    ^Is that from Xi'an Famous Food in NYC?


  6. for the Velo Orange rims... PBP or RAID? does the width actually make a difference?

    thinking about lacing up my dad's campy hubs for my bike... its currently laced with Super Champion Rims... but i dont wanna fuck with tubular....

  7. Do you guys use mad data on your unlimited plans?

    I have a blackberry, therefore I don't use shit because the media stuff is awful. I remember hearing when ATT put the cap on, they were showing reports that no one comes close the the caps. This true?

    btw I'll be staying w/ Verizon. ATT is awful in Chicago

    I tether @ work... so while i might not break 5gb every month, i'm always over 2gb

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