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  1. Well, rather than just diving in you could start with a finger and a little stroking back there. She finds out how good that feels, she might be open to the tongue going back there. I think most women are sensitive about their bodies and don't appreciate it when a guy just goes ahead and does something as intimate as that without asking first.

    Introduced my girlfriend to ass licking. She loves it, and it's one of the quickest ways to get her off. Unfortunately she doesn't return the favor as much as I'd like, but just the fact that she'll do it occasionally is better than never.

    yeah... couple of them opened up to the idea afterwards... eventually one agreed to my dick up her ass...

    but yeah getting tossed is pretty fucking awesome... just as long she don't shove any fingers up my poop chute....

    best in 69 position.... my face buried in her snatch... her face on my asshole.

  2. thanks for the quick reply whats there to do now in HK? Any stuff that I must buy? and I am wondering where can I get seafood the best in HK with my family? I heard there is some seafood street or village thats abit outskirts, if its good Im willing to go there? Oh can you give a less vague reply?


  3. FUCK my building all showers at exactly the same time so there is no hot water and i gotta get to class but i dont wanna b unclean cuz i haven't showered all weekend just saying

    same here... my landlord is a cheap fuck and leaves the hot water heater @ about 120 degrees.. i went in to the boiler room one night and cranked that shit to 160... problem fixed

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